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FYE24 Physics I: classical mechanics, electromagnetics, thermodynamics

Module code: FYE24

ECTS Credit Points:

Module Type: Compulsory


Language: Greek

Module general description: The module FYE 24 includes three courses: Classical Mechanics, Thermodynamics, and Electromagnetism.  Knowledge of derivative and integral calculus is required for all three courses.  Knowledge of ordinary differential equations or concurrent registration in FYE 20 is desirable.  Especially for Electromagnetism, the knowledge and use of vectors is required.  Knowledge of line and surface integrals is desirable.

Learning Outcomes:
With the successful completion of the module the students,
1) Will know the beauty of Classical Mechanics, namely that all its results can be derived from Newton?s laws.
2) Will be in a position to study one-dimensional and three-dimensional motions of point masses either through the solution of the differential equation of motion or with the use of the energy method, when it is appropriate.
3) Will be in a position to study the rotation of solid bodies around a fixed axis.
4) Will be in a position to write the equations of motion of point masses in coupled harmonic oscillators independent of their number or their configuration.
5) Will know the fundamental concepts of Thermodynamics (such as heat, work, internal energy, entropy) and will be able to use the laws of Thermodynamics to solve simple problems.
6) Will know the four laws of Electromagnetism.
7) Will be able to compute the electric field that is produced by a distribution of stationary electric charges and the magnetic field that is produced by a constant electric current.
8) Will be able to compute the electric field produced by a variable magnetic flux.
9) Will be able to compute the magnetic field produced by a variable electric flux.

Subjects covered:
1. Classical mechanics
2. Thermodynamics
3. Electromagnetism

Learning Material: The HOU publications can be viewed

Teaching Method: Distance education with six Contact Sessions held at weekends during the academic year

Evaluation: Completion of six written assignments during the academic year, the average grade of which constitute a 30 percent of each student's grade, if a pass is obtained in the final or repetitive examination. Final exam grades constitute a 70 percent of the students' final course grade. More information is available


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