Module Code: LRM 51

ECTS Credit Points: 10

Module Type: Compulsory

Semester offered: First (1ο)

Coordinator: Roula Tsokalidou

Language: English

General Description of LRM 51

LRM 51 “Migration, multilingualism and intercultural communication” puts forward issues of language, culture and ethnicity and investigates migration and multilingualism as global realities that provoke innovative and creative ways of meaning making in education. We will look into the international bibliography that provides a wealth of information for language and culture contact in ways that all perspectives are given a place and a voice within the context of education. Education, in formal or informal settings, holds the key to the development of a generation of citizens that will be in a position to respect difference in language, cultural and other values, viewing it as a natural part of their reality, educationally and socially.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this module, students are expected to:

reflect upon and break down their own stereotypes

investigate migration and multilingualism as global realities

identify approaches to language and culture contact as a result of migration

develop awareness of the complex educational and social challenges faced by refugee and migrant populations

redefine the phenomena of migration and multilingualism through a critical approach of the ideological and educational issues involved

explore and learn to use interactive media of representing information (e.g. infographics, interactive maps)

develop skills concerning their digital literacy

develop and apply skills concerning (e-)learning strategies in order to facilitate their learning experience

develop and apply academic reading and writing skills

be able to conduct a small-scale research concerning migration and its relationship to the multilingual landscape.


  • Migration and Multilingualism as Global Phenomena

  • Language and Culture

  • Language and Ethnicity

  • Intercultural Communication and Training

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this module.

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