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We are delighted to announce that an open-access ONLINE TOOLKIT is now available for the dissemination of the materials produced during the implementation of the project PRESS for Refugee Education and Support. The toolkit hosts reports, educational material, training material and guides designed, developed and implemented in the framework of the Project. The toolkit includes the following fields:

- Educational material
- Training material
- Support Tools
- Online Programs for Refugees
- Publications, reports and studies
- Events

You can automatically sign up in the toolbox by selecting your own username and password in the section “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT”. When you first enter, press the "ENROL ME" button and browse the contents of the digital toolbox.

The project P.R.E.S.S. (Provision of Refugee Education and Support Scheme) is an initiative of the Hellenic Open University in order to respond to the educational and integration needs of refugees currently residing in Greece. The majority of the educational actions were informed by ethnographic interdisciplinary fieldwork research regarding the linguistic, communication and education needs and expectations of refugees (adults, adolescents and children) conducted by various field researchers and collaborators. Most of the actions focus on language education, integration into formal education (primary, secondary and tertiary), information for individuals with a refugee background and awareness raising for the local community. The duration of the project was from June 2016 to December 2017 and was funded exclusively by the Hellenic Open University. The academic director of the Project is Prof. George Androulakis and the Project Coordinators / Principal Researchers are Anna Apostolidou, Ivi Daskalaki, and Sofia Tsioli.

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