The Teaching of English as a Foreign/International Language (until the academic year 2016-2017)



Τhe aim of this M.Ed. is to prompt English Language, Literature and Philology graduates’ professional development as teachers of English as a foreign and as an international lingua franca by actively engaging them in theoretical and practical studies in the domain of language teaching methodology, and in accordance with the ever-increasing demands of the current local and international labour market.  

Learning outcomes
Upon completion of the Master’s programme, students will be expected to be able to:
1.  analyze, perform and communicate teacher level research related to English language teaching;
2.  comprehend and demonstrate specialized language teaching knowledge and skills in the language skills and elements by: Examining, selecting, and using methods conducive to effective learning of particular language skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing) and elements (Culture, Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation) and by examining, evaluating, and creating materials to support effective language teaching and learning;
3.  critically analyzing research in language acquisition and teaching, and applying it to classroom contexts;
4.  design, develop and evaluate curricula and materials for English language teaching;
5.  create, analyze and interpret effective measures of language ability of their students;
6.  locate and select appropriate teaching resources to use computer technology to assist their learners’ needs;
7.  comprehend and apply the principles of English for specific purposes instruction relative to the linguistic background and work environment of their students;
8.  demonstrate understanding of intercultural approaches in language teaching;
9.  identify, design and employ recognized principles of effective English language teacher development and training program operation.


Programme ECTS credits: 120

Classification according to ISCED-2011 of Unesco:

based on the level of Education: 7   
based on the field of Education: 14  Teaching training & Education Science

Classification according to ISCED-2013 of Unesco:

based on the field of Education: 0114-Teacher training with subject specialization

Students must complete the programme by the academic year 2021-2022.


Applicants to The Teaching of English as a Foreign/International Language course must possess an undergraduate degree in English studies from a Greek Public University or an equivalent degree.

The equivalency to a Greek qualification is recognized by the Hellenic NARIC (Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center / DOATAP), which verifies the validity and equivalence of the acquired degree with those awarded by Greek institutions of higher education. Applicants must possess documents issued by DOATAP. A list of recognised degrees is available from DOATAP, and a prerequisite course list for applicants to HOU courses may be given by the HOU's registration department.

Applicants to the course must have received their degree at least three years prior to draw date.

The course assignments are linked to teaching English as a Foreign Language and although teaching is not a prerequisite, it is considered helpful.


Course Director
Associate Professor Julia Athena Spinthourakis, University of Patras

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Call Centre for General Inquiries
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