Studies in Natural Sciences


The course aims to provide students with an introduction to all fields of Natural Science, including Physics, Chemistry and Biology, understanding of Science principles, notions and theories, and to develop problem solving abilities. 

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion, the students will be able to:

  • Understand and describe the necessity and concepts of basic scientific directions within the framework of a consolidated scientific world perception
  • Describe the basic principles, concepts, scientific theories and laws of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as well as their evolution, till today.
  • Understand basic mathematical concepts and use the theorems of analysis  and algebra of calculus and vector calculus  in order to solve problems in physical sciences and/or describe  physical and biological   phenomena by employing mathematical terms and equations
  • Apply analytical and approximation techniques and methods for solving problems modelled through differential equations that describe physical phenomena and/or biological and chemical processes.
  • Apply the fundamental laws of physics to solve problems in the fields of Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Wave propagation, Thermodynamics, Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Physics.
  • Apply the laws of chemistry and successfully deal with general problems in Chemistry disciplines such Physical Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry.
  • Deeply understand the biological mechanisms regulating cellular function, processes and concepts of metabolism and general physiology of living organisms. They also will be able to describe heredity principles and interpretation of the complex biological relationship between genotype and phenotype, which have influenced the evolution on earth through the process of natural selection.
  • Deepen the knowledge of laboratory methods and techniques that are employed for the collection, analysis and process of biological, chemical and physical data, and develop the relevant skills.

Programme ECTS credits: 240

Classification according to ISCED-2011 of Unesco:
based on the level of Education: 6    
based on the field of Education: 44 Physical Sciences

Classification according to ISCED-2013 of Unesco:
based on the field of Education: 0538 Physical Sciences


Applicants to the Studies in Natural Sciences course must possess a High School Certificate from a Greek Unified Upper Secondary School (Eniaio Lykeio), or an equivalent Greek or Foreign High School Certificate.


Course Director
Professor Spyros Tzamarias, Hellenic Open University
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