Earthquake Engineering and Seismic Design of Structures MSc


The scope of the programme is to provide specialized studies and knowledge to Civil Engineers in the area of Earthquake Engineering and Seismic-Resistant Structures, which will contribute to the elevation of the technical potential of the country educationally and professionally. The course provides the necessary theoretical background in seismology and soil and structural dynamics and emphasizes seismic design and repair and strengthening of building structures made of reinforced concrete, steel or other materials.

In this context, the graduate students participating in the program are asked to successfully attend the following four study units:
SMA50 – Dynamic analysis of structures
SMA51 – Engineering seismology and soil dynamics
SMA60 – Design of seismic resistant structures
SMA61 – Seismic damages, repairs and reinforcements

The students who successfully complete the four units of studies are in a position to:

  • to analyze structural dynamics problems in sub-problems and then properly synthesize them, to evaluate structural models and computational methods as related to the dynamic response of structures, to evaluate the results of dynamic structural analyses pertaining to structural engineering practice.
  • to perform or evaluate the seismic design of concrete, steel or composite structures
  • to identify structures with a high seismic vulnerability and to redesign any vulnerable structure through repairing or strengthening crucial weak elements.  Furthermore, a basic knowledge will be acquired for the assessment of the structural capacity and the design of the necessary restoration works for monumental structures, ensuring the preservation of the monument and the architectural heritage.

Programme ECTS credits: 120

Classification according to ISCED-2011 of Unesco:
based on the level of Education: 7   
based on the field of Education: 58 Architecture and building

Classification according to ISCED-2013 of Unesco:
based on the field of Education: 0732 Building and civil engineering

Course Structure

1st Year
SMA50 Dynamic Analysis of Structures
SMA51 Technical Seismology and Soil Dynamics
SMA60 Design of Seismic - Resistant Structures


2nd Year

SMA61 Seismic Damages, Repairs and Reinforcements

Students are awarded a Masters degree upon successful completion of four modules and a dissertation.


Applicants to the Earthquake Engineering and Seismic-Resistant Structures course must possess an undergraduate degree in a related field from a Greek Public University, a Technical Educational Institute or an equivalent degree.

The equivalency to a Greek qualification is recognized by the Hellenic NARIC (Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center / DOATAP), which verifies the validity and equivalence of the acquired degree with those awarded by Greek institutions of higher education. Applicants must possess documents issued by DOATAP. A list of recognised degrees is available from DOATAP, and a prerequisite course list for applicants to HOU courses may be given by the HOU's registration department.

The knowledge of a foreign language, preferably English, certified by the submission of relevant documents, will considerably help the students to follow the programme. 


Course Director: Triantafyllou  Athanasios 

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