Catalysis and Environmental Protection MSc (until the academic year 2016-2017)


The programme is mainly addressed to Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Physicists, Environmental Scientists and Engineers as well as to Geologists and Materials Scientists and Engineers. The main goal of the program is the detailed study of the catalytic science and technology and their applications in producing clean energy and in the environmental protection. 

Learning Outcomes
The graduates are expected to be able to contribute to the development of novel catalysts and catalytic processes (or to the improvement of existing ones) related to the catalytic destruction of pollutants and to the production of environmentally friendly fuels. 

Programme ECTS credits: 120

Classification according to ISCED-2011 of Unesco:
based on the level of Education: 7   
based on the field of Education: 85 Environmental Protection

Classification according to ISCED-2013 of Unesco:
based on the field of Education: 0712 Environmental Protection Technology

Course Structure

Course Structure
1st Year
KPP50 Catalysis
KPP51 Catalytic Surfaces
KPP60 Pollution - Energy and 'De pollution' technologies 

2nd Year
KPP61 Environmental Catalysis


Students have the right to register for at most two courses per year. Concerning the first year they may register either for both the courses KPP50 and KPP51 or for the course KPP50 and then (next year) for the course KPP51. In order to register for a second year course they must have passed both the aforementioned courses. Concerning the second year courses the students may register either for both the courses KPP60 and KPP61 or for the course KPP60 and then (next year) for the course KPP61.

Requirements for the acquisition of the master's degree
1. The students must attend and pass the aforementioned four courses of the programme.
2. The students must submit a dissertation. The examining committee of the dissertation consists of three members of the Academic Research Staff or tutors of the programme.


Applicants to the Catalysis and Environmental Protection course must possess an undergraduate degree in a related field from a Greek Public University, a Technical Educational Institute or an equivalent degree.

The equivalency to a Greek qualification is recognized by the Hellenic NARIC (Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center / DOATAP), which verifies the validity and equivalence of the acquired degree with those awarded by Greek institutions of higher education. Applicants must possess documents issued by DOATAP. A list of recognised degrees is available from DOATAP, and a prerequisite course list for applicants to HOU courses may be given by the HOU's registration department.

All candidates must provide evidence of their ability in a foreign language, preferably English.


Course Director: Christos Kordoulis

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Call Centre for General Inquiries
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