AGG65 Assessment in English language teaching

Module code: AGG65

ECTS Credit Points: 22

Module Type: Optional


English & Greek

Module general description:

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this module, students will be expected to be able to,
1. describe and define the fundamental principles and practicalities involved in the area of language testing and assessment;
2. distinguish between formal and informal testing as well as compare and analyse two major functions of evaluation: formative and summative assessment;
3. interpret the evolution of language testing from the 1960s onwards;
4. identify and categorise the various language test types and compare their functions;
5. define and measure the various principles of language testing;
6. identify and estimate some of the characteristics of ‘good’ language tests and relate these to the different types of language tests;
7. develop, apply  and reflect on appropriate language tests for their own curricular situation and learners;
8. define and discuss on principles and processes of alternative assessment, as well as compare alternative assessment with testing .

Subjects covered:
1. Principles of language testing
2. Language testing techniques
3. Testing of the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills

Learning Material: The HOU publications can be viewed

Teaching Method: Distance education with five Contact Sessions held at weekends during the academic year

Evaluation: Completion of four written assignments during the academic year, the average grade of which constitute a 30 percent of each student's grade, if a pass is obtained in the final or repetitive examination. Final exam grades constitute a 70 percent of the students' final course grade. More information is available