AGG68 Teaching English for Specific Purposes



Module code: AGG68

ECTS Credit Points: 22

Module Type: Optional


English & Greek

Module general description:

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this module, students will be expected to be able to,
1. develop a working awareness of the principal issues involved in the teaching of ESP;
2. identify different facets of the evolution of ESP both globally and in Greece;
3. demonstrate knowledge of the processes and trends in English for Academic Purposes and Business English;
4. describe the different types of needs analysis in ESP and perform needs analysis research;
5. distinguish between the different types of discourse, register and genre analyses in ESP;
6. identify issues in ESP course design, implementation and evaluation;
7. demonstrate a critical understanding of current methodologies in teaching adults and the pedagogical roles of the adult/teacher trainer;
8. identify assessment and testing trends in ESP.

Subjects covered:
1. Approaches to the teaching and learning of oracy
2. Needs analysis in ESP
3. Learning-centred approaches

Learning Material: The HOU publications can be viewed

Teaching Method: Distance education with five Contact Sessions held at weekends during the academic year

Evaluation: Completion of four written assignments during the academic year, the average grade of which constitute a 30 percent of each student's grade, if a pass is obtained in the final or repetitive examination. Final exam grades constitute a 70 percent of the students' final course grade. More information is available