DCHT50 Principles of Construction Project Organization and Management

Module code: DCHT50

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Learning Outcomes: Students who complete the study of this subject area should be able to,
- Describe the organizational and financial structure of businesses, particularly contracting firms, management systems, strategic planning and financial management policy.
- Describe the organizational structure of the construction site (technical and administrative staff, equipment, mechanical installations and other facilities).
- Apply management rules for company and construction site personnel.
- Apply management rules for equipment, suppliers and materials used for construction.
- Evaluate alternatives concerning the location and layout of the site and the specific characteristics depending on the size and characteristics of the construction project.
- Prepare the necessary studies for the organization of the construction site and the mobilization of the necessary equipment and installations.
- Prepare technical and financial offers for participation in tenders for projects and studies and be able to apply the procedures for awarding and executing construction projects.
- Select and use information systems for construction management in company’s headquarters and construction site.
- Use application software for construction management (project management packages, databases, spreadsheets).
- Use advanced systems and information technology in managing technical projects.

Language: Greek

Subjects covered:
1. Principles of business administration
2. Construction site organization and management
3. Information systems in construction management

Learning Material: The HOU publications can be viewed

Teaching Method: Distance education with five Contact Sessions held at weekends during the academic year

Evaluation: Completion of five written assignments during the academic year, the average grade of which constitute a 30 percent of each student's grade, if a pass is obtained in the final or repetitive examination. Final exam grades constitute a 70 percent of the students' final course grade. More information is available