KPP 80: Pollution Abatement Processes

Module code: KPP80
ECTS Credit Points: 20
Module Type: Compulsory
Year: 1st
Language: Greek 

Module general description: The purpose of this module is to educate students on issues concerning advanced adsorption, catalytic and photocatalytic pollution abatement processes, namely processes of pollutants destruction or retention on adsorbent surfaces.

Learning Outcomes: After completing this module, the student should be able to:

  • Describe the formation of the main gaseous and liquid pollutants emitted from mobile and stationary sources and explain the necessity of controlling their emissions by presenting the negative impact these pollutants have on the Environment.
  • Describe the structure and composition of the interface developed between an adsorbent and the aqueous phase.
  • Present qualitatively and quantitatively the adsorption of various substances from gas and liquid phase on the surface of adsorbents.
  • Select the suitable adsorbent for gas and liquid phase abatement processes.
  • Propose suitable adsorption technologies for application in the corresponding abatement processes.
  • State the main catalytic and adsorption methods (both, primary and secondary measures) for controlling these emissions and describe their operation.
  • Propose state of the Art or potentially promising catalysts for the catalytic emission control processes and to justify their choice based on the requirements that a catalyst should fulfill for specific control process, pollutant and source.
  • Describe the established as well as the potentially promising applications of the catalytic combustion for either the primary or secondary emission control of atmospheric pollutants such as the NOx or the volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Describe the impact of emitted chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) on stratospheric ozone and the climate change and give examples of catalytic and non-catalytic processes which are used to destroy or to exploit existing CFCs stocks.
  • Define basic concepts in the field of photocatalysis and describe photocatalytic processes for the processing of wastewater and potable water treatment.

Subjects covered:

  • Catalytic Processes for Pollution Abatement
  • Adsorption Processes for Pollution Abatement