SDY62 Embedded systems

SDY62 Embedded systems

Module code: SDY62

ECTS Credit Points: 20

Module Type: Optional

Year: 2nd

Language: Greek 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the basic design principles of embedded systems
  • Gain experience in the design of embedded systems hardware
  • Ability to implement digital circuits in FPGAs
  • Design of special processors using FPGAs
  • Obtain basic knowledge of hardware/software co-design
  • Apply architecture design techniques and methodologies for the development of embedded systems
  • Problem analysis and case study of embedded systems
  • Understand and apply evaluation criteria of embedded systems
  • Evaluate performance of applications using embedded systems

Subjects covered:

  1. Digital Systems Design
  2. Embedded Systems Design
  3. Case Studies and Applications

Learning Material: The HOU publications can be viewed here.

Teaching Method: Distance education with five tutor-student meetings held at weekends during the academic year.

Evaluation: Completion of written assignments during the academic year, the average grade of which constitute a 30 percent of each student's grade, if a pass is obtained in the final or repetitive examination. Final exam grades constitute a 70 percent of the students' final course grade. More information is available here.