Quality Management and Technology Msc


The programme aims to provide participants with an integrated specialization in quality management and technology, so as to meet employment needs in industries, and to train engineers and other technicians who perform quality control in industries, health care and other services. Its graduate courses are designed to combine the study of statistical methods and other technical tools for the control and the improvement of quality with the study of quality systems and management principles.

Programme ECTS credits: 120

Classification according to ISCED-2011 of Unesco:
based on the level of Education: 7   

Classification according to ISCED-2013 of Unesco:
based on the field of Education: 0710 Engineering and engineering trades

Learning Outcomes

The MSc program on QUALITY MANAGEMENT and TECHNOLOGY prepares specialists with expertise in technology of quality control and assurance.

Offers further training of specialized personnel, which will staff the quality control and quality assurance departments of manufacturing units, and the institutions of service providers of public and private sector.
At the level of skills and abilities the graduates of the MSc program in QUALITY MANAGEMENT and TECHNOLOGY know:
- Statistical tools and measuring techniques for "in-line" and "off-line" quality control.
- Developing methodologies to improve quality, based on measurements made and targets set.
- The implementation of specialized techniques of statistical quality control.
- To design quality management techniques during the development and production of a product.
- The implementation of standards of quality assurance and total quality management, as well as models for quality costs and customer-supplier relationships.
- The implementation of environmental management systems, management of quality inspection systems (internal and external inspections), the organization of laboratory tests, checks and verifications and the study of reliability and maintenance systems.

Course Structure

1st Year
DIP50 Basic Tools and Methods for Quality Control
DIP51 Quality Planning and Organization
DIP40 Mathematics and Mechanical Drawing for Quality Assurance (Undergraduate level)

2nd Year
DIP60 Advanced Tools and Methods for Quality Control
DIP61 Special Topics on Quality


Course Module DIP40 is compulsory for Technical Institute graduates in their first year of studies. Therefore, the minimum course duration, in this case, is 3 years.

The requirements in order to obtain the degree are the following:
1. The students must attend and pass four graduate courses of the programme. Course DIP 40 cannot substitute a graduate course.
2. The students must submit a dissertation. The examining committee of the dissertation consists of at least two members of the tutors of the programme.


Applicants to the Quality Management and Technology Msc course must possess an undergraduate degree in an Engineering, Agriculture or Geotechnical field, Business Administration, Management, Economics, Mathematics, Pharmacy, Physical, Chemical, Biological, Statistical, Computer, Environmental or Materials Science from a Greek Public University, or an undergraduate degree from a Greek Military Academy, or an undergraduate degree in a technological field from a Technical Educational Institute or an equivalent degree. The equivalency to a Greek qualification is recognized by the Hellenic NARIC (Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center / DOATAP), which verifies the validity and equivalence of the acquired degree with those awarded by Greek institutions of higher education. Applicants must possess documents issued by DOATAP. A list of recognized degrees is available from DOATAP, and a prerequisite course list for applicants to HOU courses may be given by the HOU’s registration department. All candidates must provide evidence of their ability in a foreign language, preferably English.


Course Director: Vasilis Kostopoulos

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