Sport Management (SPM)



The total sum of ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) required for the postgraduate degree in "Sport Management" (SPM) is 120 ECTS (30 ECTS per semester).

Classification according to UNESCO’s ISCED-2011

- Based on the level of Education: 7

Classification according to UNESCO’s ISCED-2013

- Based on the field of Education: 0488 Inter-disciplinary programmes and qualifications involving business, administration and law.

Program Duration

The minimum time required for the completion of the Program is two (2) years, or four (4) semesters.

Program Language

The official language of the Program is Greek.

Program Structure

Programme Layout

1st Semester:
SPM10 Sports Administration and Structure (C¹, 10 ECTS)
SPM11 Sport Management (C, 10 ECTS)
SPM12 Sport Marketing (C, 10 ECTS)

2nd Semester:
SPM20 Sport Governance (C, 10 ECTS)
SPM21 Leadership and Human Resources Management in Sports (C, 10 ECTS)
SPM22 Sport Consumer Behavior (C, 10 ECTS)

3rd Semester:
SPM30 Sport Facility and Operations Management (C, 10 ECTS)
SPM31 Sport Economics (C, 10 ECTS)
SPM32 Sport Event Management (C, 10 ECTS)

4th Semester
Students can follow one of the following two routes:

Either Route A: successful attendance of 9 thematic units as well as successful completion of a Postgraduate Dissertation.
SPMTH Master Thesis (C, 30 ECTS)
Or Route B: successful attendance of 12 thematic units, without the completion of a Postgraduate Dissertation.
SPM40 Sport Recreation (E², 10 ECTS)
SPM41 Sport Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E, 10 ECTS)
SPM42 Accounting in Sport Organizations (E, 10 ECTS)
SPM43 Sport Communication and Digital Media (E, 10 ECTS)

C¹: Compulsory
E²: Elective


Module Evaluation

Module Evaluation:

a1. Submission of two (2) Short Written Assignments (SWA) during the semester. Each of them contributes to the final grade with a weight equal to 10%.

a2. Submission of one (1) Written Assignment (WA) during the semester, which contributes to the final grade with a weight equal to 20%. 

a3. Participation in the final examination will be allowed, when the sum of the grades of the aforementioned assignments (see a1 and a2) is equal to, or greater than 50% of the assigned grading scale, i.e. at least 20 points out of 100, based on the weights mentioned in points a1 and a2.

a4. The grade of the written assignments (SWA & WA) is secured when a grade equal to or above the passing grade (≥5) in the final or resit exam is achieved only.

The final grade of a Module is calculated as follows:



Written Assignment 



Written Assignment 



Written Assignment



Average Grade 


Final Exam


ΧΧ 10% 10% 20% 40% (≥5) 60% (≥5)

Final Grade = (Β1×0,1) + (Β2×0,1) + (Β3×0,2) + (Β4×0,6)

Entry Requirements

Academic Year 2020-2021

Admissions for the winter semester: 100
Admissions for the spring semester: 100

We accept:

Graduates of Greek Universities and Τechnological Educational Institutes as well as graduates of Universities and Technological Educational Institutes from countries of the European Union and countries outside the European Union.
The official language of the Program is Greek. Knowledge of English language at Β2 level is required.

Where previously mentioned:

Graduates of Universities or Technological Educational Institutes are all the degree holders of Greek Universities or Technological Educational Institutes, as well as anyone with equivalent foreign degree recognised by the Hellenic NARIC (Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center – DOATAP/former DIKATSA) or the Technical Training Institute (ITE), respectively, or holders of the first cycle of study of accredited foreign institutions*.The term “Universities” refers to University Schools, Technical Universities and the School of Fine Arts.
*N.B.: No Postgraduate Diploma shall be awarded to a student whose first cycle degree from a foreign institution has not been recognised by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center (Hellenic NARIC), under Law No. 3328/2005 (Α80).

Academic Committee Members

Theodorakis Nicolaos, Associate professor - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Dimitras Augoustinos, Associate professor - Hellenic Open University
Stergiou Dimitrios, Assistant Professor - Hellenic Open University
Afthinos Ioannis, Professor - National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Kostas Georgios, Professor - Democritus University of Thrace


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