12. What happens if you have obtained the required grades in Written Assignments but fail in the final examinations? Can I be exempted from submitting Written Assignments the next academic year?

Students who do not submit two assignments cannot attend the final examinations. The average grade of the total number of
assignments must be at least 50% to attend final examinations. If in any case a student fails to succeed in the course they will
have the opportunity to retake the course module the following year, with the same educational and financial obligations. The
average grade of all Written Assignments accounts for 30 percent of the course module grade, once exam is successfully
completed with a grade over 5. The final exam accounts for 70 percent of the course grade. Should a student fail these
examinations, they can register again in the particular module and participate in the relevant final examinations scheduled for the
following academic year but is liable for the 1/3 of the total fee due for the specific module.