Due to the fact that the number of applicants exceeds by far the number of places available, so far a random public electronic draw has been conducted annually, in the presence of a Public Prosecutor in order to ensure legal transparency.

The University calls for applications every year and the invitation is published in the Press.

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of openings in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, students over 23 years are given priority. In the case where the number of these students is inadequate, a new draw is conducted for the remaining openings including applicants under 23.

Special Needs People are also accepted at the HOU and may cover 3% per cent of the openings in each course. If the number of S.N. Candidates exceeds the available openings then there is a public electronic draw.

An additional number of openings are available for Technological Educational Institute permanent Educational Staff members who do not possess a Postgraduate Degree. The number of applicants may not exceed a 10% of the annual positions available for postgraduate courses. The course prerequisites have as regular. Places are covered according to the needs and openings.

Selecting Ph.D students according to their experience and specific skills in their field depends on the Academic Research Staff Members.