Tuition Fees - Scholarships and Student Funding

Tuition fees apply for each Module Course. Fees cover various costs including information and educational material as well as communication costs inherent to the Distance Learning system. The payment of fees is the sole responsibility of the student.

Tuition rates as well as the prerequisites for a scholarship are determined by a decree -issued by the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs published in the Government Gazette-, in accordance with the relevant proposals of the HOU Governing Committee.

An amount of up to 10% of the student fees is allocated to a Special Account to be used to finance HOU Administration and Academic Course development.

Student scholarships are offered on the condition that certain criteria are met. The scholarships awarded by the HOU cover either the full amount or part of the fees payable by the students for the academic year they apply for, provided that a combination of economic, social and academic criteria are met.