The Features and Innovative Characteristics of the Hellenic Open University

The HOU is a State University equivalent to all other Greek ones. It provides its graduates with all the professional rights they are entitled to according to the concurrent legislation. The basic innovations that were introduced with the founding of the HOU  (Act 2552/97) are as follows:

  1. Studying exclusively through Distance Learning.
  2. The application of a Modular System and the replacement of traditional Courses by a more flexible form of Modular Courses, which can be modified according to contemporary social and educational needs.
  3. The introduction of a 5- level educational system that covers all levels,  from Postsecondary Vocational Training to Doctorates of Philosophy.
  4. The establishment of an Educational Material and Methodology Research laboratory.
  5. The founding of a General Assessment Unit.
  6. The simplification of the Administrative Structures.
  7. The introduction of the foundation’s basic functional unit, the Course Modules that cover a specific subject on undergraduate and postgraduate level. One Course Module is equivalent to three courses (3) offered by other Greek Universities.