Why the HOU was founded


A number changes in the economy, in society and in technology promote the development of open educational systems. The increase in Labour cost, initially created a need for investing in human factors, through continuous education and specialisation of employees.  

On the other hand, the massive entry of women into the work force has enhanced studying through flexible Open Education systems. The development of the primary sector of the economy, and other services, have also contributed in the continuously increasing needs for employees to further their studies through flexible educational forms.  

Rapid progress in science and technology has generally raised educational standards, as typical forms of education have become insufficient to provide continuous life long learning today, and lead to gradual knowledge loss, and create the need for further education, so as to to keep abreast of the latest developments in one's field.  

However, in Tertiary Education, Universities are usually based on face-to-face teaching and appear to have a series of restrictions (A student’s inability to be present during tutorials, compulsory Entrance Examinations, education provided to a narrow age group, unilateral education after students initial decision, no short term educational courses available). 

Open systems in Tertiary Education are founded on one principle, everyones right to a life long education. As a result, they attract a considerable number of applicants and provide educational opportunities to many, as studying takes place at home, according to a timetable that suit students and their own pace, with no entrance examinations, the students develop their own educational physiognomy, by selecting units through the modular courses. 

The HOU’s operation is based on Act 2552 which was voted in 1997 ( Official Journal of the Hellenic Republic 266/24-12-1997), and covers all these educational needs, like other Open Universities founded in European countries, which in total have a number of students that exceed one hundred thousand.