Vice President for Research and Lifelong Education

Konstantinos Karamanis

Professor of Economics, Department of Accounting and Finance University of Ioannina

The Vice President for Research and Lifelong Education is responsible for Chairing the Management Committee of the Hellenic Open University’s Special Account for Research Funds (Hellenic Open University Research Committee), representing the Foundation in the conclusion of funding contracts with third parties for the implementation of projects and activities of the Special Account, as well as all issues concerning the organization and operation of the Special Account of the Hellenic Open University. In addition, he is responsible for all matters concerning the Liaison Office, the Employment and Career Structure (E.C.S.) of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (I.E.U.) and the Public Relations of the Foundation.


Athena Nikolopoulou
e-mail: anikolop@eap.gr
Tel.: 2610367621

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