Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Welfare

Ioannis Sibetheros (Sympetheros)

Professor of Hydraulic Engineering at the Civil Engineering Dept, University of West Attica

The Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Welfare has responsibilities regarding the supervision of the proper functioning of the academic bodies, units and structures of the HOU, the enrolment issues of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral candidates, attendance, scholarships, awards, exchanges, as well as all student welfare issues and any other activity related to the students of the Foundation. In addition, has under its responsibility all the matters related to international activities, relations and cooperations, the Erasmus+ programme and other international educational programmes, as well as representation in the international associations of which the Foundation is a member.


Amalia Tsakoumi
e-mail: atsakoumi@eap.gr
Tel.: 2610367349

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