FAQ index

1. Are HOU qualifications recognised?

2. How many Modules can I take per year in an undergraduate or a postgraduate course, and how long will it take to complete a course?

3. When is the Educational material sent to students?

4. What if I lose a book or receive a faulty book?

5. Does the study schedule have to be followed precisely? Ηow many hours of study are required for each module?

6. In case of loss, are Student IDs replaced by the university, and if so, what is th procedure?

7. Does a student ID card provide free admission to museums, theaters and cultural venues and reduced price tickets for transportation?

8. Are there Student Unions? And if so, How can I become a member?

9a. How many contact sessions are there? Is it necessary to attend them?

9b. If I have attended a Contact Session, may I receive a confirmation of attendance letter for my work?

10. Can I submit an assignment after the due date?

11. When are written assignments submitted? What should I do if my tutor has delayed to send me my grade? Should I communicate via e-mail, phone or contact the HOU?

12. What happens if you have obtained the required grades in Written Assignments but fail in the final examinations? Can I be exempted from submitting Written Assignments the next academic year?

13. How is the grading scheme?

14. Μay Ι take part in the repeat examination if I am unable to take the final examination? In case of failure in the examinations is there a resit opportunity in September?

15. Who can I appeal to if the tutor supervising my dissertation is not responding to my emails or emails for a long time?

16. How can we evaluate the Tutors and the learning process?

17. Who can I contact to borrow a book, a dissertation or access articles, books and electronic resources?

18. Who can I contact for enquiries or problems?

19. If I want to prepare for the next course modules, where can I purchase the books?

20. May I receive Course Material if I am not a student?

21. Are there subsidies offered, and if so what are the criteria?

22. What are the HOU gates and what is their usefulness for students?

23. Who should I contact for information regardinq Erasmus? Should I contact my module Tutor?

24. What are the Career Office and DASTA?