Dean's Council

The Dean's Council is the highest division of the School. It consists of the Dean, who is elected for two-year terms, and the permanent Academic staff members of the School. The Dean's Council facilitates the smooth operation of the courses and course modules. The School of Social Sciences gained its independence in 2005, with the appointment of the minimum number of permanent Academic staff members required (6) to gain independence, according to the HOU founding law (Act 2552/97), and was constituted in 2006. Upon gaining independence and for the rest of the 2004-05 academic year, the President of the HOU Board of Directors, served as acting Dean. For the 2005-06 academic year the election of a Dean was not rendered possible and consequently the President of the HOU Board of Directors served as acting Dean. For the academic year 2006-07 the School acquired an elected administrative body and specifically a Dean and a Vice Dean, for the first time.

Faculty Dean:
Athanassios Mihiotis, Professor  

Faculty Vice-Dean:
Dimitrios A. Giannias, Professor  

Faculty members:
- George M. Agiomirgianakis, Professor
- Charalambos Anthopoulos, Professor  
- Dimitrios Asteriou, Professor 
- Georgios Gantzias, Professor
- Apostolos Gerontas, Professor
- Avgoustinos Dimitras, Associate Professor  
- Paraskevi Christofilopoulou Kaler, Assistant Professor (*)
- Maria Kontochristou, Assistant Professor
- Eleni Sfakianaki, Assistant Professor
- Dimitrios Stergiou, Assistant Professor
- Christos Tsoumas, Assistant Professor


(*) on leave

Former Deans and Vice-Deans