Pedagogy and Teaching Competence

Subject – Purpose

The purpose of the Special Curriculum for Pedagogy and Teaching Competence is for the graduate students of the curriculum of the School of Social Sciences to acquire the necessary pedagogical and teaching knowledge, abilities and skills to successfully design and implement educational work.

Entry Requirements

Academic Year 2019-2020

Can be accepted:

1. Graduates of Business Administration or Public Administration or Tourism Administration or Economics or related departments of the country or recognized foreign institutions.

* Candidates for this category occupy 250 seats.

2. Students of the above sections of the country, provided that the courses or Subjects remaining to obtain their degree do not exceed 60 ECTS.

* Candidates for this category occupy 50 seats.

Candidates for both categories must have the specific formal appointment qualifications for Primary or Secondary Education, in accordance with the applicable provisions.

The language of instruction of the curriculum is Greek.

Successful attendance at the SEs requires, in addition to the language of instruction, English proficiency at B2 level.

Familiarity with the use of computers, e-mail and the Internet will greatly help in monitoring the program.

If the posts offered by one category of candidates are not filled, they may be filled by.


Wherever in the previous text reference is made to:

a. Graduates of Departments of Universities or TEIs, means the graduates of Departments: Greek Universities or TEIs or those having equivalent foreign titles recognized by the DIKATSA or DOATAP or holders of the first-degree courses of the before mentioned departments of foreign institutions.

b. Graduates of Universities or TEIs, meaning Graduates of Greek Universities or TEIs, holding equivalent foreign titles recognized by the DIKATSA or DOATAP or holders of first-degree education in foreign institutions.

Selection and Completion Process

The student in the 1st semester is obliged to choose only one Subject Section (SS) and specifically PTC01.

Upon successful completion of PTC01 or securing the right to take the exams in PDE01, he/she has the right to choose, in the second semester, the second SS of the program, PTC02.

The minimum duration of studies in the program is one (1) year.

In order to obtain the certificate, the student must successfully complete both (2) of the SSs program.