The School of Applied Arts is one of the first four Schools of the Hellenic Open University, established by law N.2552/97 and currently has three faculty members ( one Professor, one Associate Professor and one Assistant Professor). The object of the School focuses on offering knowledge and skills in the applied arts in conjunction with optical and digital technologies .

The School currently provides only Postgraduate Studies. The three programs offered are in the thematic areas of the graphic arts, lighting design and acoustic design. The School is active in organising Erasmus programs to support the mobility of students and teachers, as well as creating and hosting workshops and intensive programs. In 2013 the administration of the University approved the operation of two Laboratories on its premises in Patras, a multimedia laboratory and a laboratory of lighting design. Both labs are under construction and will soon offer remote capabilities to the students of the Schools' graduate programs.

Final External Evaluation Report of the HQA for the HOU School of Applied Arts