Department of Academic Instruments

The Department of Academic Bodies (TAO) is located in the heart of the administrative structure of E.A.P. It supports administratively and secretarially the Steering Committee and all the academic bodies of the institution, handling on a daily basis, with precision, transparency and reliability, a very significant volume of work.


  • Preparation of Steering Committee Meetings, collection of suggestions, sending of invitations.
  • Preparation of the Agenda of the Board of Directors, keeping a printed and electronic file of all procedures
  • Notification of decisions, keeping of Registers, notification of requests, connection of decisions with the respective departments
  • Editing the minutes (written records) of the meetings of the Steering Committee as well as the meetings of the Boards & issuing partially
  • Secretarial and administrative support of the Steering Committee
  • Responsibility for the administrative staff of the Secretariatsof the Chairman and the Vice-Chairmen of the Steering Committee,
  • Administrative support of the three Deanships of HOU.
  • Support of the School of Applied Arts

Administrative Structure

Office of the Steering Committee: It is supported by five people located in Patras and Athens where the meetings take place

Hairdressing Offices: It is supported by seven employees who are installed in the respective headquarters of the Hairdressing salons and in the secretariat of S.E.T.

Committee support: The Department administratively covers the independent committees of Ethics andResearch Ethics.

Executive role of the Department

The Department of Academic Bodies is the executive body for the implementation of the decisions of the Board. It plays a key role in ensuring the interconnectedness of the university community.

In addition to the above, in recent years the Steering Committee has been meeting performing the duties of Dean of the School of Applied Arts

Deputy Head of the Department of Academic Institutions

Olga Bousiou
e-mail: bousiou@eap.gr
Τel.: 2610367375
Fax: 2610367126

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