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The aim of the Special Study Program in Pedagogy and Teaching Competence is to provide graduates of SPs belonging to the School of Social Sciences the necessary pedagogical and teaching knowledge, capabilities, and skills to effectively plan and execute their educational goals.


Successfully completing the two (2) T.U. of the Special Study Program in Pedagogy and Teaching Competence leads to the awarding of a certificate from the School of Social Sciences of the Hellenic Open University, which certifies that the holder possesses pedagogical and teaching competence.

Students who successfully complete only one of the two T.U. may request a participation certificate for that T.U. To receive the participation certificate, students must provide a written declaration of their intent not to complete the Special Study Program in PTC.

Study Program Academic Credits (ECTS): 30

Minimum duration of studies: one (1) academic term

The program is taught in Greek.

Available positions: 300 per semester

The program accepts:

(1) Graduates of Departments whose degree is a required qualification for classification and appointment in category PE80, namely:

Holders of degrees in Public Administration, “Public Finance” specialization, of the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, who enrolled from academic term 1997-98 onwards, or in Financial and Management Engineering of the School of Financial and Management Engineering of the University of the Aegean, or of Economics, or International and European Financial Studies, or International Financial Relations and Development, or Business Organization and Administration, or Business Administration, or Accounting and Finance, or Finance and Banking Management, or Financial and Regional Development (formerly Urban and Regional Development, renamed by P.D. no. 162/1998, article 1) or Business Research and Marketing (renamed to Marketing and Communication by Law no. 3027/2002, article 3 paragraph 1d. aa.), or Maritime Studies, or Maritime and Business Services, or Statistics, or Statistics and Insurance, or Administration of Businesses and Organizations, or Administrative Science and Technology, or Industrial Management and Technology (formerly Technology and Production Systems, renamed by P.D. no. 113/2002) from Greek Universities, or from the Department of International and European Studies of the University of Macedonia, “International and European Financial Studies” specialization (formerly International and European Financial and Political Studies, “International and European Financial Studies” specialization, renamed by P.D. no. 60/2008), or Statistics and Actuarial – Financial Mathematics of the University of the Aegean (formerly Statistics and Actuarial Sciences, renamed by P.D. 24/2005, article 1), or Regional Financial Development of the abolished University of Central Greece, or Public Administration and Business Administration (all specializations), or degree in Finance from the University of Cyprus** or Administration of Businesses and Organizations from the H.O.U., or degrees in Business Administration from TEIs, or Secretaries, Administrative Staff, Business and Industrial Staff from ΚΑΤΕΕ or Business Staff from ΚΑΤΕΕ or Supply Chain Management from the TEI of Central Macedonia and Central Greece, or Hospital and Welfare Management from the TEI of Athens and the Peloponnese, or Accounting from TEIs, or Accounting and Insurance from TEIs, or Financial Applications from TEIs, or Finance and Auditing, or Accounting and Finance from TEIs, or Accounting, Business and Industrial Staff (“Accounting” specialization) from ΚΑΤΕΕ, or Tourism, or Tourism and Hospitality Management from TEIs, or Tourist Professions, or Business Staff (department of Tourism Business Staff) from KATEE, or graduates of Higher Schools of Tourism Education (Α.Σ.Τ.Ε.Ρ. or Α.Σ.Τ.Ε.Κ.) with degrees earned before 10-02-2003, or Business and Advertising (ΜARKETING) from TEIs, or Business Staff (“Business and Product Advertising” specialization) from KATEE, or foreign degrees recognized as possessing the same educational level*.

Additionally, degrees in Home Economics, or Home Economics and Ecology from Universities in Greece, or degrees from the former Higher School of Home Economics, or a foreign degree or specialization recognized as possessing the same educational level.

(2) Candidates as per Law no. 4653/2020 (article 50), who provide a decision recognizing their professional skills according to P.D. 38/2010 (Α΄78) or a decision recognizing the professional equivalence of a higher education degree from a similar field to education category PE80.

(3) Students belonging to the departments listed in the 1st category, who are within 60 ECTS of earning their degree.

(*) Candidates belonging to categories (1) and (2) account for two-hundred and fifty (250) places, and candidates belonging to category (3) account for fifty (5) places.

The study program is taught in Greek.

To successfully participate in the Program T.U.s, students must also possess at least B2-level proficiency in English.

Familiarity with the use of computers, e-mail, and the internet will greatly facilitate participation in the program.

If one of the aforementioned categories has vacant places, these may be filled by runner-up candidates from the other category who meet the admission requirements.


The term “Graduates of University or Technical Education Institute departments” denotes holders of degrees from departments of Greek Universities or TEIs, or those who possess corresponding titles from foreign institutions recognized as possessing the same educational level by the Inter-University Center for the Recognition of Foreign Degrees (DIKATSA) or the Hellenic NARIC (DOATAP), or the ITE correspondingly, or holders of degrees from the aforementioned departments of foreign institutions recognized as possessing the same educational level.


* Holders of degrees from foreign universities must possess a graduation diploma from a Greek six-grade Gymnasium or High School or equivalent (Greek) school. Candidates who do not possess such a diploma must possess a certification of competence in the Greek language from the Ministry of Education, Research, and Religious Affairs, in accordance with article 14 par. 10 of Law no. 1566/1985, which certifies their proficiency in the Greek Language and knowledge of Greek History, or a certification of “C2”-level proficiency in the Greek language from the Hellenic Language Center, or a higher education degree from Greece or Cyprus earned from a Greek-language study program or a Postgraduate Degree from Greece or Cyprus. This certification is also mandatory for educators belonging to categories DE and TE.


** Degrees earned at Cypriot universities before the country’s admission to the European Union (01-05-2004) and which are included in P.D. no. 299/1997 do not require recognition of equivalent educational level. The same degrees, in addition to all degrees earned after the admission of Cyprus into the European Union, must be accompanied by recognition of their equivalence and correspondence to degrees awarded by Greek Educational Institutions.

The program is organized in one (1) academic term and consists of two (2) semester-long Thematic Units (T.U.), as follows:

1st semester

2nd semester

T.U. Selection Instructions

Students in the first semester must select one (1) T.U., namely PDE01.

Upon successful completion of PDE01 or upon confirming the right to participate in the final exams of PDE01, students may select PDE02 in the second semester.

The minimum duration of studies in the program is one (1) academic term.

To obtain the certificate, students must successfully complete both (2) of the T.U. included in the program.

Academic Supervision Committee

Christos Tsoumas, Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences, H.O.U.

Eleni Sfakianaki, Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences, H.O.U.

Vasiliki Brinia, Special Teaching Staff, Department of Information Science, School of Information Sciences and Technology, Athens University of Economics and Business.


Georgios Manolitsis, Professor
Specialization: Educational Psychology and Preschool Ages

e-mail: manolitsis.georgios@ac.eap.gr

Tuition fees for each Thematic Unit are 450€, and the total tuition fees for the Special Study Program are 900€.

For more information on the program please contact:
Student Register Office (Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 13:00)

e-mail: skepde@eap.gr
Telephone number: 2610367318

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