Department of Student Registry

The Student Registry Department is responsible for handling all student matters, such as student enrollment, department designation, updating of the electronic register, announcement of grades, procedures for issuing degrees, issuance of certificates and copies of diplomas. At the same time, it distributes all the required correspondence with the students.

The Department also includes the Scholarship Office, theInternship Office andtheProtocol and Information Office..

The Scholarship Office is responsible for the receipt of scholarship applications, the control and scoring of supporting documents related to scholarship applications with criteria (economic-social-academic), the issuance of scholarship results and the submission of all results.

The Internship Office has been established in order to implement the Internship, as many Curricula of the Hellenic Open University as required. It is administratively responsible for the smooth conduct of procedures, as well as for informing students.

Deputy Head of Student Registry Department

Kyriakos Petropoulos
e-mail: petropoulos@eap.gr

Head of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs of the Student Registry Department

Stilianesis Dionysis
e-mail: stilianesis@eap.gr

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