Personnel Department

The Personnel Department is responsible for matters concerning the service status of the members of theTeaching Research Staff, the members of the Collaborating Teaching Staff and the Administrative Staff.

More specifically, the main Responsibilities of the Personnel Department are the following:


  1. Receipt, keeping an electronic protocol by entering all the data of the incoming and outgoing documents received from the Personnel Department after their characterization
  2. Correlation, processing, scanning, classification, reproduction of photocopies of incoming and outgoing documents and their delivery to the responsible officials.
  3. Daily electronic protocol check for completeness of documents.
  4. Archiving and keeping a confidential protocol.

Faculty Members Management Issues

  1. Management of the Procedures for the election of faculty members (programming of Teacher positions, formation of electoral bodies, announcement of faculty members, legality check, swearing in and taking office of faculty members, management of the APELLA information system).
  2. Update of the Register of Employees of the Greek State.
  3. Certificates of Previous Service.
  4. Certificates of Service Changes.
  5. Previous Service Recognition
  6. Multiplicity of faculty members.
  7. Pensions (digitization of file and sending e-DAYK and supporting documents to the GLΚ)
  8. Resignations.
  9. Transfers to and from other universities.
  10. Salary development and time allowance transactions.
  11. Licensing operations (scientific, unpaid, etc.).

Collaborating Management of Collaborating Teaching Staff Issues (SEP)

  1. Management of the Procedures for the assignment of educational work of SEP members through a notice (according to the current legislation)
  2. Finalization of SEA Candidate Ranking Tables
  3. Assignments of PCT members – departments created eachac. Year
  4. Issuance of PCT member contracts
  5. Issuance of certificates of previous service of members of S.E.P.
  6. Filing of contracts.

Administrative Personnel Management:

  1. Presentation Management / Permit – Absence Management
  2. Jobs related to the official status & development of the administrative employees of E.A.P. (eg leave: sick, regular, unpaid, parental, exams, maternity, etc..), transfers, evaluation, retirement, placements, property status, Keeping Schedules with Gradual & Salary Evolution of Employees, Retirement salary scale, additional remuneration, etc.).).
  3. Keeping official files of the administrative employees and checking the authenticity of the documents / certificates that exist in the above files.
  4. Issuance of Certificates of Service Changes, Service Minutes, Departure Minutes, Child Benefit Acts, Service Certificates.
  5. Actions related to the preparation for a Meeting of the Service Council of EAP: a) invitations, b) recording of incoming requests / issues of employees, c) study of legislation, d) preparation of proposals and the process of election of elected members.
  6. Updating information systems (APOGRAPHI, ERGANI, etc.)
  7. Check in all incoming documents every quarter of the Office of Administrative Personnel Service for the Sampling check on 5% of the photocopies
  8. Evaluation Procedure according to Law 4369/2016

Evaluation Procedure according to Law 4369/2016

Maria Kontogeorgakopoulou
e-mail: kontogeo@eap.gr
Τel.: 2610367629
Fax: 2610367104

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