Academy of Athens

The Academy of Athens through the Center for Research in Atmospheric Physics and Climatology and the Hellenic Open University through the School of Applied Arts and Sustainable Design, collaborate to jointly develop initiatives for scientific research and other activities within their area of responsibility, regarding the monuments of the cultural and natural heritage of the country from the effects of climate change. The result from this collaboration is the offer of a postgraduate study program entitled «Protection of Cultural Heritage and Monuments of Nature from the Effects of Climate Change».

Programme Scope-Description The scope of the Master’s degree Programme «Protection of Cultural Heritage and Monuments of Nature from the Effects of Climate Change» is the in-depth study of issues related to mitigation and adaptation of the effects of climate change on natural and cultural heritage sites worldwide. Specifically, the learning outcomes on which the Programme focuses are primarily concerned with the sciences of climatology and the environment, geology, telemetry and satellite applications, engineering, architecture, history, archeology, the preservation of works of art and monuments. Interdisciplinary fields such as sociology, culture and environmental economics, as well as information technology, support the Programme majors.

Open University of Cyprus

The Hellenic Open University and the Open University of Cyprus, since 2015, implement the first collaboration between a Greek University and a foreign university in offering a foreign language distance learning programme, through the postgraduate degree programme Enterprise risk Management“.

Risk Management is increasingly recognised as the key to achieving and driving sustainable organisational performance, regardless of whether the organisation operates in the public sector or in the private and industrial sectors.

This Postgraduate Programme is designed to provide the necessary basic knowledge and skills for a competent and modern Risk Manager in any type of organisation or business.

Agricultural University of Athens

The Hellenic Open University and the Agricultural University of Athens, having signed a cooperation protocol at the beginning of the year, offer for the first time the Joint Interdisciplinary Master’s Degree Programme Crops under Cover – Hydroponics“.

The proposed Programme of Postgraduate Studies aims to cover the contemporary need for graduates in related sciences to meet the needs of the constantly evolving labour market, concerning Cover Crops, i.e. the design of structures, the selection of materials, cultivation techniques, new water and chemical saving technologies (hydroponics, net gardens), energy saving technologies, nutrition and plant protection of integrated production of fruit and vegetables with reduced inputs.

The constant increase in consumption of vegetables for health reasons, combined with the constant reduction of water resources, the degradation of cultivated soils and the need to protect the environment and the health of producers and consumers, have led to the need to increase the use of cover crops, i.e. cultivation in greenhouses and net gardens to improve the quality of the products produced and to reduce energy and chemical inputs rather than to increase production. In order for the development of greenhouses to be possible and economically viable, farms must be modernised by adopting techniques and technologies adapted to the protection of the natural environment and the sustainability of agricultural ecosystems, which is the subject of this study programme.

The Hellenic Open University, launched a new, innovative cycle of specialised study programmes through this cooperation, which aims to develop sectors of the agricultural sector of the country, such as the cultivation of horticultural and floricultural products, a sector in which this programme is part of, and to offer similar specialisations for the specific economic sector of Greece.

Ionian University

The Hellenic Open University and the Ionian University, since 2018, offer an Interuniversity Master’s Degree Programme in the field of Bioinformatics and Neuroinformatics“.

The aim of the programme is to promote scientific knowledge and the cultivation and development of primary scientific research in the fields of biomathematics (applied mathematics, modelling and simulation of systems), bioinformatics (genomics, proteomics, biomarker discovery, drug design, systems biology, biological programming languages), computational biology, neuroinformatics and neurosciences (biomedical signal and image analysis, biomedical data processing, knowledge mining, algorithm development). Also providing a high-level of training and specialization in research methodology, conducting and analysing clinical studies, processing and interpreting biological data, designing applications for decision making, meta-analysis of biomedical data and developing models for disease prognosis and diagnosis of diseases.

Finally, the preparation of qualified scientists for a successful professional career in both Academic and Research environment, but also in biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical industries or IT and Research companies, at national and international level is a unique originality of this cooperation, through this specific study programme.

University of Western Macedonia

The Hellenic Open University and the University of Western Macedonia since 2016, through a special protocol of cooperation, jointly offer the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Programme Creative Writing through the method of distance education..

The aim of the programme is the teaching of literary (prose, poetry), theatrical, script writing, journalism and digital storytelling as well as the acquisition, through specific educational practices and techniques, of academically validated literary and writing skills. “Creative Writing” is currently proving to be particularly useful in a variety of utilitarian types of speech, which are more informative or essayistic in nature and linked to various art forms. At all levels of education, the field of Creative Writing is constantly developing globally, and as a subject it is now taught from the earliest days of education to the highest levels of postgraduate and doctoral studies.

The specific programme of study operates with great success, which is largely due to renowned professors of the subject, who excel in this field of study in Universities both in Greece and abroad.

University of Thessaly

The Hellenic Open University and the University of Thessaly, since 2016, have signed two protocols of cooperation for the implementation of two new Study Programmes offered jointly (Inter-institutional Study Programmes), using the method of distance education. These programmes are the Postgraduate Programme of Studies, Management of Ageing and Chronic Diseases” and Education Sciences: Special Education and Education of Individuals with Oral and Written Language Problems. The aim of the programme “.Management of Ageing and Chronic Diseasesis to provide graduates with the necessary knowledge on the current developments in the provision of health care services and the application of this knowledge in the management of ageing and chronic diseases and the promotion of health and quality of life, while the programme “.Education Sciences: Special Education and Education of People with Speech and Writing Language Problems” aims to provide specialized knowledge regarding speech and writing problems, the theoretical approaches related to speech problems and the educational interventions that can be designed and implemented in order to address and/or mitigate these problems in monolingual and bilingual/multilingual speakers.

Both programs of study, operate with great success and already the first graduates are professionals in the front lines of the labor market where, with their specializations in both programs of study, provide through contemporary knowledge and skills acquired from the specific fields of specific sciences, the best services to the social groups with which they have contact

University of Nicosia

The Hellenic Open University and the University of Nicosia of Cyprus, since 2015, by implementing one of the first collaborations between a domestic and a foreign university, jointly offer two innovative Study Programmes with the method of distance education. These programs are the Postgraduate Program of Studies Banking, Accounting and Finance and the Postgraduate Program of Studies, Economy and Business Law.

The Postgraduate Programme in “Banking, Accounting and Finance”aims to develop the culture and skills needed for its graduates to become leaders in the financial sector. This is achieved by providing a broad theoretical and practical arsenal of banking, accounting and finance knowledge, as well as the development of strategic thinking and critical thinking skills.

The Postgraduate Programme of Studies, “Economy and Business Law” aims at the specialization of graduates of specific faculties in contemporary issues of business law and commercial transactions at European and international level, with the ultimate goal of completing the Postgraduate Programme of Studies with the preparation of a Diploma Thesis in contemporary cognitive subjects.

In the 5 years of offering postgraduate programmes, both programmes have a significant number of graduates who have excelled in leading legal and administrative positions in a multitude of businesses and organisations, having as their assets and through advancement the specific specialisations in legal and administrative science.

Frederick University

Certified by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA), after a thorough evaluation by a panel of experts, a new distance learning inter-university Master’s Degree Programme of Master’s level, entitled European Law“. The programme will be launched from the new academic year 2021-2022 and will be offered in cooperation with Frederick University and the Hellenic Open University.

It is an innovative and pioneering postgraduate programme designed, developed and supported jointly before the External Evaluation Committee by the Frederick University School of Law and the School of Social Sciences of the Hellenic Open University. The programme is addressed not only to lawyers in Cyprus and Greece, but also to executives of companies, institutions and organisations, in order to enrich their knowledge and equip them with the necessary skills to provide high quality services, improving their skills in solving particularly demanding problems in the context of European legislation.

The aim of this inter-university postgraduate programme is to provide an in-depth knowledge of European Law, which constitutes a specific legal order, separate from the national legal orders of the Member States and governed by its own specific principles. Theoretical and practical legal analysis is not limited to the economy, trade and the single market, but also covers, in line with developments, a variety of other areas such as fundamental rights, information technology, digital transformation, criminal justice, the environment, energy, security, maritime transport, shipping and judicial cooperation in the European area. The language of attendance is Greek and the duration of the course is 1.5 years (3 semesters).

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