Strategic Planning

Office of Strategic Planning and Development

The Office of Strategic Planning and Development (formerly the Office of Efficiency and Quality) has been operating at the HOU since October 2010. The Office of Strategic Planning and Development carries out an independent, objective and consultative activity, designed to add value and improve the services provided by the HOU.

The responsibilities of the Office, among others, are: a) making recommendations to the Management for quality standards, internal organization and optimization of work for the services of the Foundation, which are included in a Quality System; b) studying and analyzing the progress of the implementation of the Strategic Plan and the elaboration and submission of proposals for the achievement of the defined objectives, in cooperation with the competent services of the Foundation, the promotion and monitoring of the implementation of the annual Targeting – Planning of the HOU and the results of the individual measurement indicators of the Foundation’s services; c) the monitoring, maintenance and development of Quality Systems in the Foundation, in accordance with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements and International ISO Standards; d) the design, implementation and monitoring of internal control procedures (internal audits); e) the maintenance and certification of the Internal Quality Assurance System (QAS) of the HOU in collaboration with the Quality Assurance Unit (QAU), the Internal Evaluation and Training Unit (IETU), the Faculties of the Foundationn and the competent services, as appropriate.

Strategic Planning HOU 2020-2024

The Strategic Plan 2020-2024 was prepared as a continuation of previous Strategic Targeting-Planning of the Hellenic Open University (HOU), taking into account the international, national, economic and social context and the new challenges.

In addition, this Strategic Planning comes today to strengthen the cohesion and organization of the academic community (Academics, Administrative Staff and Students) and includes the decisions on the vision, the development and the Strategic Objectives of the Foundation for the period 2020-2024. These objectives are divided into sub-areas, which are respectively broken down into specific plans of the Foundation. The Strategic Planning 2020-2024 aims at the continuous qualitative further upgrading of the HOU’s position in both the national and international university map.

To access the text of the Strategic Planning click HERE

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