Quality Policy

Since its foundation, the Hellenic Open University has been based on a philosophy of broader quality that could be described as a commitment to the fundamental values:

  • Lifelong education and the provision of Higher Education, and the offering of studies at Higher Education level, exclusively through distance learning.
  • Dedication to the progress of science and the transmission of knowledge.
  • Optimal satisfaction of the requirements of its students, but also of the needs of those who use its services and of anyone else affected, directly or indirectly, by its activities.
  • Academic freedom in teaching and research, as well as freedom of expression and movement of ideas within the framework defined by the Constitution, the Laws of the State or the regulatory obligations and standards relating thereto.
  • Respect for meritocracy, respect for the code of ethics and for the University’s integrity.
  • Technical and scientific integrity and the promotion of innovation.
  • Social responsibility, in terms of its work and its results.

The contribution to the implementation of these values in practice constitutes the object of this Quality Policy and the mission of the Quality Systems developed and implemented by the Foundation, which govern its structure, organisation and operation.

The Management of the HOU is committed to the students, teaching staff, partners and administrative staff for the implementation and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Systems of the Foundation, as well as for the allocation of all financial, technical and human resources required for them.

The measure of the success of this policy and the effectiveness of the Foundation’s Quality Systems is the satisfaction of students and staff (academic and administrative) of the HOU, which is achieved through close and efficient cooperation based on:

  • The creation of a model Foundation for teaching and research.
  • The continuous exploration, recording, analysis and review of their needs, with the aim of optimising their learning experience and satisfaction.
  • The use of the experience of the Foundation and its staff in new in distance learning technologies.
  • The continuous monitoring of the coverage of their agreed requirements throughout the duration of the cooperation and the continuous evaluation of their degree of satisfaction.
  • Optimal use of resources to ensure financial sustainability.
  • The timely treatment of issues.

This personalised approach is at the basis of every Quality System of the HOU and dictates both the internal structure and organisation of the Foyndation and the management and control of its entire operation.

The above guidelines are specified for each of the Foundation’s core Processes (provision of educational work, evaluation of teachers, human resources management, competitions, project implementation, etc.), which are regularly evaluated in order to meet the constantly changing environment in which the Foundation operates. Their achievement is assessed on the basis of predefined indicators, defined in the Quality Systems, and in internal-external reviews/evaluations and their results are reported in the Management Review.

462nd D.E. (06/02/2020)

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