Athens Administrative Branch

The Athens Administrative Branch is housed in the following two buildings:

A. Administration Building (George 4, Kaningos Square, 10677) and,
B. Service Building (Gravias 4-6, Athens, 10678).

The Offices of the President, Vice-Presidents and Deans are open by appointment.

In the Branch of HOU in Athens there is a Library and Reading Room, with the possibility of using a computer for the internet access of the students, but also of the interested public, a Student-Public Service Officeand a Counseling and Psychological Support Center for the students. Also, offices of the Schools of HOU are housed for the service of the faculty members.

The HOU Administrative Branch in Athens is responsible for:

a) administrative coordination of the annual planning of the institution for the offer of the teaching material to the students;
b) serving students on issues related to their studies;
c) informing the public about the educational programs of the institution;
d) promoting the work of EAP with the organization and support of events / actions in the wider area of Athens.

Head of the Athens Administrative Branch

Afroditi Mesimeri

e-mail: mesimeri@eap.gr
Τel.: 2109097218
Fax: 2107221303

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