The ERASMUS+ Office manages the Program’s KA1/ Learning Mobility to European (ΚΑ103/ European Mobility) and International (ΚΑ106/ International Mobility) destinations. The Office is also an information hub regarding the relevant services for the H.O.U. academic community, providing information on the opportunities available through the other activities of the program (ΚΑ2/ Strategic Partnerships ΚΑ3/ Support for Policy Reform).

For more information regarding Activity KA1/ Learning Mobility, please visit the ERASMUS+ Office Website

Postal Address 

Hellenic Open University
Public & International Affairs Department/ ERASMUS+ Office
18, Aristotelous SdR
P.C. 26335, Perivola
Patras, GREECE 

ERASMUS+ Institutional Coordinator 

President of the Hellenic Open University 

ERASMUS+ Departmental Coordinators

School of Humanities: 

Αssociate Prof. George VLACHAKIS
Tel: +30 2610 367 694, e-mail: gvlachakis@eap.gr 

School of Social Sciences:
Associate Prof. Christina DIAKAKI
Tel: +30 2610 367 449, e-mail: cdiakaki@eap.gr 

School of Science & Technology:
Assistant Prof. Fotini KARIOTOU
Tel: +30 2610 367 565, e-mail: kariotou@eap.gr 

School of Applied Arts and Sustainable Design:
Αssociate Prof. Lambros DOULOS 
Tel: +30 2610 367 567, e-mail: doulos@eap.gr 

ERASMUS+ Office  

Head of Office: Ms. Eirini BARKOULA
Tel: +30 2610 367 793, e-mail: barkoula@eap.gr  

Administrative Support

E-mail for ERASMUS+ KA1 Inquiries: erasmus@eap.gr 
Mrs. Christiana KAFEZA, tel: +30 2610 367 798 Mrs. Eleni GIANNOPOULOU- MATSOUKA, tel: +30 2610 367 789 e-mail: giannopoulou@eap.gr

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