Department of Public & International Relations

The Department is responsible for the promotion of the work of EAP, its communication policy, the organization of all kinds of events (exhibitions, etc..) and the supervision of the electronic information of the activities of the Foundation. The Department also covers the coordination of all activities and actions that promote inter-university relations on International level. The Erasmus Office – International Mobility is part of the International Relations.

Specifically, Public Relations includes:

  1. Ceremonies, Oaths – Awarding of Postgraduate Degrees
  2. Announcement of Doctoral Degrees
  3. Participation in exhibitions
  4. Support of Scientific Conferences Support of Events that EAP participates in the organization
  5. Management and Advertising through Social Networks
  6. Creation of Images / Videos / Graphic projection for events and actions of HOU

In addition, the Department has the supervision of the Cultural Groups (Dance, theatrical, photographic, Byzantine choir and orchestra)and the Cultural Actions of HOU.

Deputy Head of Public and International Relations

Eirini Barkoula
e-mail: barkoula@eap.gr
Τel.: 2610367793

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