The Online Library and Information Center of HOU is aspecialized Department of the Institution which is responsible for meeting the information needs of the academic community of the University, which is the responsibility of the Library Committee.

The Library has two operations:

  • The collection (printed or electronic) that develops and
  • The services

At the first level, the collection is developed in both printed and electronic material, with emphasis on the electronic, for the immediate coverage of the needs of its users. On the other hand, the services are distinguished in the basic ones which are on-site and Online Lending / Inter-lending and user training, but also in a wide range of electronic services, designed to provide an immediate solution in terms of material search, question solving and training. At the same time the Library takes care to be close to vulnerable groups through specialized services for people with disabilities.

With the events / actions that implements, seeks to become a key educational and cultural hub for both the academic community of the University and the local community.

In the previous three years, the Librarytried to increase the volume of the collection, but also to get closer to its audience. At the same time, it tried to understand the needs of the public through conducting a user satisfaction survey and emphasized the support of their educational needs as as well as to increase its extroversion and develops its research dimension.

Deputy Head of Online Library and Information Center

Mara Thanopoulou
Τel.: 2610367826
Fax: 2610367123

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