Study Program Secretariats

Undergraduate Programms

Programme Email Telephone
Public Administration dhd@eap.gr 2610367305, 2610367302
Business Administration deo@eap.gr 2610367329, 2610367333
Tourism Management dit@eap.gr 2610367305, 2610367302
Hispanic Language and Civilization Studies isp@eap.gr 2610367328
Computer Science plh@eap.gr 2610367320, 2610367341
Studies in Greek Civilization elp@eap.gr 2610367328, 2610367313
Studies in European Civilization epo@eap.gr 2610367313, 2610367328
Studies in Natural Sciences fye@eap.gr 2610367320

Postgraduate Programms

Programme Email Telephone
Data Science and Machine Learning dama@eap.gr 2610367305, 2610367302
Enterprise Risk Management admissions@ouc.ac.cy +35722411711
Interaction Generative Design igd@eap.gr 2610367315
Language Education for Refugees and Migrants lrm@eap.gr 2610367321, 2610367325
Master in Business Administration mba@eap.gr 2610367341
MSc in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship ime@eap.gr 2610367315
Protection of Cultural Heritage and Monuments of Nature from the Effects of Climate Change ccc@eap.gr 2610367430
Supply Chain Management dea@eap.gr 2610367305, 2610367302
Sports Studies: Sociology, History, Anthropology ask@eap.gr 2610367316
Acoustic Design and Digital Sound asp@eap.gr 2610367315
Bioinformatics and Neuroinformatics bnp@eap.gr 2610367331
Graphic Arts – Multimedia gtp@eap.gr 2610367315
Creative Writing dgr@eap.gr [dgr]
Public History dis@eap.gr 2610367331
Waste Management dia@eap.gr 2610367332
Management of ageing and chronic diseases gxn@eap.gr 2610367312
Quality Management and Technology dip@eap.gr 2610367430
Engineering Project Management dxt@eap.gr 2610367314
The Teaching of English as a Foreign/International Language aggx@eap.gr 2610367318
The Teaching of French as a Foreign Language galx@eap.gr 2610367318
The Teaching of German as a Foreign Language gerx@eap.gr 2610367331
Δίκαιο της Οικονομίας και των Επιχειρήσεων doe@eap.gr +35722841500, 8011002345, 210 6748293
Sport Management (DATH) dath@eap.gr 2610367331
Health Care Management dmy@eap.gr 2610367430
Cultural Organisations Management dpm@eap.gr 2610367342
Tourism Business Administration dte@eap.gr 2610367317
Criminological and Penal Law perspectives to Corruption, Economic and Organised Crime ped@eap.gr 2610367317
Adult Education eke@eap.gr 2610367321, 2610367418
Education and Technologies in Distance Teaching and Learning Systems – Education Sciences eta@eap.gr 2610367427
Epidemiology epi@eap.gr 2610367328, 2610367313
Communication Science eep@eap.gr 2610367428
Education Sciences ekp@eap.gr 2610367323, 2610367337
Education Science: Special Education and Education of People with Oral and Written Language Difficulties eag@eap.gr 2610367428
European Law edi@eap.gr 2610367305, 2610367302
Precision Agriculture Applications ega@eap.gr 2610367332
Applied Developmental Psychology eaps@eap.gr 2610367314
Interdisciplinary PSP Cultivations under cover- Hydroponics kyk@eap.gr 2610367312
Social and Solidarity Economy kao@eap.gr 2610367321 ,2610367325
Master in Mathematics msm@eap.gr 2610367332
Master in Teaching Natural Sciences kfe@eap.gr 2610367314
Master in Information Systems pls@eap.gr 2610367332
Modern and Contemporary Greek History sei@eap.gr 2610367331
Orthodox Christian Theology and Religious Pluralism orth@eap.gr 2610367317
Performing Arts pat@eap.gr 2610367318
Environmental Catalysis for Pollution Abatement and Clean Energy Production kpp@eap.gr 2610367314
Environmental Design psh@eap.gr 2610367314
Advanced Studies in Physics psf@eap.gr 2610367332
Earthquake Engineering and Seismic Resistant Structures sma@eap.gr 2610367332
Contemporary Journalism Studies sds@eap.gr 2610367316
Current trends in linguistics for teachers ade@eap.gr 2610367312
Contemporary Italian Culture and Special Issues in Terminology and Interpretation ita@eap.gr 2610367316
Pervasive and Mobile Computing Systems sdy@eap.gr 2610367314
Lighting Design sfp@eap.gr 2610367315
Art-Cultural Heritage-Development Policies tep@eap.gr 2610367318
Τραπεζική, Λογιστική και Χρηματοοικονομική tlx@eap.gr 2610367315
Τραπεζική, Χρηματοοικονομική και Χρηματοοικονομική Τεχνολογία (FinTech) trax@eap.gr 2610367317
Philosophy and Arts fit@eap.gr 2610367427
Chemical and Biomolecular Analysis xba@eap.gr 2610367331
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