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The Postgraduate Program Law in Economics and Business Law is offered by the Hellenic Open University (H.O.U.) and the University of Nicosia (Joint Degree).

The special purpose of the Master’s program “Law in Economics and Business” is the specialization of graduates of specific faculties in contemporary issues of business law and commercial transactions at European and international level, with the ultimate goal of completing the Postgraduate Program with the preparation of a diploma thesis in contemporary topics.

This Postgraduate Thesis should meet the scientific standards as established by the applicable legal rules at community level. Through the preparation of a thesis of a high scientific level, graduates will specialise their knowledge in specific subjects under the full and continuous supervision of the supervising professor, thus completing the broadening of their scientific background in the fields of Law, Economics and the Information Society.

The Postgraduate Program is constantly monitoring the developments at national, European and international level and is constantly reforming, enriching and updating the educational material of its units.

Students will follow the modules using the methodology of open distance learning.

The objective of the educational outcomes is to broaden the knowledge pool of students and their competitive integration into the labour market at national, European and international level. Furthermore, the content of the postgraduate programme offers graduates the possibility of adapting to new developments in science and technology.

Upon completion of the Postgraduate Program and successful examination of the thesis, the graduate acquires additional skills and advantages. In particular:

  1. Develops and broadens their knowledge and their scientific horizon in the field of business law and international trade.
  2. Gains the ability to formulate new and innovative practices in dealing with cases in a valid and effective manner.
  3. Strengthens the ability to combine professional experience with new scientific knowledge in modern subjects.
  4. Approaches complex and controversial cases reliably and effectively and provides acceptable solutions.
  5. Increases their analytical capacity and develops a new model of thinking, discernment, processing and evaluation that is a catalyst for effectively addressing the issues at stake.
  6. Multiplies on the one hand the managerial abilities to approach and handle the cases at hand and on the other hand the communication abilities of graduates with those dealing in a professional environment.
  7. Strengthen the flexibility and skills of graduates in order to meet the high demands of a competitive market at national, European and international level

The following applicants can be accepted:

  1. a) One hundred and seventy-five (175) places are filled by graduates of Law Schools of Universities of Greece or Cyprus or similar institutions of other countries.
  2. b) One hundred and ten (110) places are filled by graduates of the Departments of Political Science, International and European Studies, Economics, Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Public Administration and Administrative Science, from universities or TEI of Greece or Cyprus or similar institutions of other countries, as well as graduates of other Departments within the above fields of study.
  3. c) Fifteen (15) places are filled by graduates of other schools in Greece or Cyprus or similar institutions in other countries who do not meet the above academic admission criteria, and who will provide documents with professional experience in the subject matter of the MSc.

These candidates will be admitted by decision of the Program Coordinating Committee and after successfully completing a foundation course before the beginning of the academic year.

In order to attend this course, candidates, in addition to the language of instruction, must have English language competency at least B2 level which can be proved either by submitting the relevant certificate or a self-declaration.


Holders of a degree or diploma of higher education means graduates of Greek Universities or Polytechnics or Higher School of Fine Arts or Higher School of Pedagogical and Technological Education or Higher Technological Educational Institutions (ATEI) or those who hold academically equivalent first cycle degrees from recognized foreign educational institutions with the degrees awarded by the Greek Higher Educational Institutions, in accordance with the provisions of article 304 of Law No. 4957/2022 (Government Gazette 141/21.07.2022, vol.)


For the evaluation of the application to the Postgraduate Studies Programme, it will be examined whether the candidate’s institution of study is or may be included in the National Register of Recognised Higher Education Institutions of Foreign Countries and whether the candidate’s degree is or may be included in the National Register of Types of Degrees of Recognised Institutions of Foreign Countries.

The Hellenic Open University, if the degree is included in the list of article 307 of Law No. 4957/2022, must request a “Certificate of Place of Study”, which is issued and sent by the foreign university. If the place of study or part of the studies is confirmed as the Greek territory, the degree is not recognized, unless the part of the studies that took place in the Greek territory is in a public higher education institution or in a recognized foreign educational institution within the meaning of paragraph b) of article 299 of Law No. 4957/2022.

It is clarified that holders of a first degree of Higher Education are accepted in the Postgraduate Program.

The content will be available soon.

Each Thematic Unit is priced at 1080€ / Dissertation 1080€ and the total cost of the Postgraduate Program is 5400€.

Phone: +35722841500, 8011002345, 210 6748293

Email: doe@eap.gr, doe@unic.ac.cy

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