Premises and Building Projects Department

The Premises and Building Projects Department is responsible for the maintenance of the building facilities of the University (Office of Maintenance of Facilities & Facilities), the planning and execution of decisions regarding its further building development, as well as the supervision – monitoring and execution of Office of Planning, Projects & Studies).

At the same time, it is responsible for the operation and development of the information and telecommunication networks and the technical support of the computer users as well as for the connection of the University with other networks (Information & Network Services Office). Finally, he is responsible for the Scheduling of the exam dates for all the Curricula of HOU.

More specifically, the department has the following process offices:

  1. Project Planning & Design Office (GPM)
  2. Network & Information Services (GIS) Office
  3. Works & Facilities Maintenance Office (GSEE)
  4. Office of Administrative Support & Protocol (GDYP)
  5. Office of Material Management & Distribution (DGTY)

The Premises and Building Projects Department holds the role of the Technical Service of the Foundation which is the Project and Studies Director of EAP. It has appropriate characteristics so that it adapts its structure according to the current needs of the Foundation. The required staff and their characteristics can be analyzed only under the given time conditions and requirements.

In addition, its structure, which differs from the typical structures of other Higher Education Institutions, ensures the minimum required number of employees per specialty.

Finally, it should be noted that the Premises and Building Projects Department is certified in terms of the management competency system that follows (ISO1429), in terms of security and information flow (ISO27001) and in terms of its procedures (ISO9001).

Deputy Head of Premises and Building Projects Department

Bousios George
e-mail: bousios@eap.gr
Τel.: 2610367377



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