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The aim of the program is to provide specialised knowledge and develop skills so that graduates are able to design, organise and evaluate adult education program, as well as to teach in them, using modern educational and distance learning methods.

The objectives of the program are for students to understand and be able to apply contemporary theories of adult education, as well as the theoretical framework for the design and organisation of adult education program, so that they can become adult education trainers or managers with a high level of knowledge, skills and competences and be able to contribute effectively in the field of Lifelong Learning.


Upon completion of the program, students are expected to be able to:

  • Understand the socio-economic function of adult education in the national and European context.
  • Deepen their understanding of the basic – and in particular contemporary – theories of adult education.
  • Understand the applicability of the principles and methods of adult education, the coordination of the learning group, the planning, organisation and evaluation of adult education programmes.
  • They apply the basic theories of adult education in the written work produced, in the micro-teaching sessions during face-to-face meetings and through participation in a wide range of conferences, conferences, workshops, national teacher training programmes and European programmes.
  • They apply innovative practices in training and coordination of groups of trainees.
  • Understand the methodology of educational research in order to be better able to prepare written and dissertation work, as well as to make use of research data and develop research activities in the context of their professional responsibilities.
  • They are equipped to develop critical and creative thinking

ECTS Program Credits: 120

The minimum duration of study is two (2) academic years.

Classification according to Unesco code ISCED-2011:

  • by education sector: 14 Teaching training & education science
  • by level of study: 7

Classification according to Unesco code ISCED-2013:

  • by training sector: 0111-Education science

Language of Teaching: The language of instruction of the program is Greek.

The Post-graduate programme accepts graduates or higher institution diplomas of related disciplines. The programme is offered in Greek. 

The knowledge of a foreign language and good computer-Internet skills would be useful for the successful participation in the programme.


Holders of a degree or diploma of higher education means graduates of Greek Universities or Polytechnics or Higher School of Fine Arts or Higher School of Pedagogical and Technological Education or Higher Technological Educational Institutions (ATEI) or those who hold academically equivalent first cycle degrees from recognized foreign educational institutions with the degrees awarded by the Greek Higher Educational Institutions, in accordance with the provisions of article 304 of Law No. 4957/2022 (Government Gazette 141/21.07.2022, vol.)


For the evaluation of the application to the Postgraduate Studies Programme, it will be examined whether the candidate’s institution of study is or may be included in the National Register of Recognised Higher Education Institutions of Foreign Countries and whether the candidate’s degree is or may be included in the National Register of Types of Degrees of Recognised Institutions of Foreign Countries.

The Hellenic Open University, if the degree is included in the list of article 307 of Law No. 4957/2022, must request a “Certificate of Place of Study”, which is issued and sent by the foreign university. If the place of study or part of the studies is confirmed as the Greek territory, the degree is not recognized, unless the part of the studies that took place in the Greek territory is in a public higher education institution or in a recognized foreign educational institution within the meaning of paragraph b) of article 299 of Law No. 4957/2022.

The program “Adult Education” is structured in two (2) academic years, which include for the award of the Postgraduate Diploma of Specialisation either the successful completion of five (5) units or the successful completion of four units and the successful completion of the post-graduate thesis. The minimum duration for the completion of the programme is two (2) years. The total number of credits (ECTS) required for the award of the Postgraduate Diploma of Specialisation is 120 ECTS.

The structure of the program

1st Year

2nd Year

In addition, students may choose to either attend the EKE54 (“Adults in Open and Distance Education”) or to prepare a dissertation, as follows:


Declaration instructions for the Thematic Units

In the first (1st year), if you choose one (1) units, you must choose EKE50. If you choose two units you choose EKE50and one of EKE51 or EKE53, and if you choose three units you choose EKE50, EKE51 and EKE53.

In the second year, if you choose one unit you must choose EKE52.

To take EKE52 you must have completed EKE50 and either completed EKE51 or taken EKE51 at the same time as EKE51.

Also, in the 2nd year, you must choose EKE52 and EKE54 or EKE52 and dissertation.

You can register for the dissertation either at the same time as EKE52 or after completion of EKE52.

The presentation of the Dissertation Thesis will take place after the successful completion of the thesis required by the program.

In the process of declaring units, the units of the previous year must be exhausted first and then the declaration of the next year’s units must begin.

In order to complete the program in two academic years, you must successfully complete during the first year of study three units and during the second year either the last two units or one unit in parallel with the Master’s Dissertation, according to the above instructions.


Emmanouil Koutouzis, Professor
Subject: Management of Educational Units
e-mail: ekoutouzis@eap.gr

Georgios Koulaouzidis, Assistant Professor
Subject: Adult Education Methodology
Co-ordinator EKE 50, EKE 52
e-mail: gkoulaouzidis@eap.gr

Each Thematic Unit is priced at 650€ and the total cost of the Postgraduate Programme is 3.250€.

For information about the programme contact:

Student Registration Department
Contact numbers: 2610367321, 2610367418
Ε-mail: eke@eap.gr

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