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Subject – Purpose
Learning Outcomes
Admission requirements
Academic Supervision Committee

M.Sc. Aims and Objectives

The Study Program deals with the national and supranational systems of governance, the distribution of responsibilities at the levels of administration within them (local and regional self-government), the effects of the policies practiced on citizens, the formation of electoral politics and strategy of the collective subjects inside the institutions.

The program focuses, for each level of administration, on the parameters that describe its operation referring to its institutional composition, internal operation, economic and development issues, tools and methods for the use of technological tools.

Particular importance is given to electronic (and now digital) governance, which improves the efficiency and quality of public services and has shaped a new environment for citizens’ interaction and communication with the public administration. Parameters highlighted by e-governance are citizen-centered services, information as a public good, new skills, labor relations, the acceptance by the employees of the new conditions as well as the emergence of new models of accountability and management.

ECTS Credits Programme of Studies
The total number of credits (ECTS) required for the award of the Postgraduate Diploma of Specialisation (M.Sc.) is 120 ECTS.

Characterization of the Postgraduate Program
Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Classification according to the UNESCO ISCED-2011 code
Based on the Level of study: 7

Classification according to the UNESCO ISCED-2013 code

Based on the education sector: 0413 – Management and Administration

Language of instruction
The language of instruction of the programme, as well as of the Dissertation, is Greek.

Duration of study
The minimum duration of study is two (2) academic years, i.e. four (4) academic semesters.

Graduates of the postgraduate program will be able to support administrative decisions and political initiatives

  1. to plan interventions inside the institutions
  2. address the flow of policy initiatives from top to bottom and vice versa;
  3. understand the division of powers between supranational organizations and the state, and between the state and its sub-national units
  4. to face the growing challenges.
  5. to fully understand the possibilities offered by e-government,
  6. propose and implement e-government solutions.

The Post-graduate programme accepts graduates or higher institution diplomas of related disciplines. The programme is offered in Greek. 

The knowledge of a foreign language and good computer-Internet skills would be useful for the successful participation in the programme.


Holders of a degree or diploma of higher education means graduates of Greek Universities or Polytechnics or Higher School of Fine Arts or Higher School of Pedagogical and Technological Education or Higher Technological Educational Institutions (ATEI) or those who hold academically equivalent first cycle degrees from recognized foreign educational institutions with the degrees awarded by the Greek Higher Educational Institutions, in accordance with the provisions of article 304 of Law No. 4957/2022 (Government Gazette 141/21.07.2022, vol.)


For the evaluation of the application to the Postgraduate Studies Programme, it will be examined whether the candidate’s institution of study is or may be included in the National Register of Recognised Higher Education Institutions of Foreign Countries and whether the candidate’s degree is or may be included in the National Register of Types of Degrees of Recognised Institutions of Foreign Countries.

The Hellenic Open University, if the degree is included in the list of article 307 of Law No. 4957/2022, must request a “Certificate of Place of Study”, which is issued and sent by the foreign university. If the place of study or part of the studies is confirmed as the Greek territory, the degree is not recognized, unless the part of the studies that took place in the Greek territory is in a public higher education institution or in a recognized foreign educational institution within the meaning of paragraph b) of article 299 of Law No. 4957/2022.

The minimum duration of studies is four (4) academic semesters (2 academic terms).

The total number of academic credits (ECTS) required to earn the Master’s Degree are 120 ECTS.

1st Semester
DMD50 Research Methodology in Public Administration (Μ¹, 10 ECTS)
DMD51 The constitutional organization of the Greek state (Μ, 10 ECTS)
DMD52 Introduction to Governance (Μ, 10 ECTS)
2nd Semester
DMD53 Administrative Acts and Administrative Procedure (Ε², 10 ECTS)
DMD54 Information Systems in Electronic Governance (Ε, 10 ECTS)
DMD55 Human Resource Management in Public Administration (Ε, 10 ECTS)
DMD56 E-Governance, E-Democracy (Ε, 10 ECTS)
3rd Semester
DMD60 Data analytics, semantic web and APIs (Ε, 10 ECTS)
DMD61 Decision Making theory and policy making (Ε, 10 ECTS)
DMD62 Political Marketing (Ε, 10 ECTS)
DMD63 Economic and development planning (Ε, 10 ECTS)
4th Semester
DMD64 Digital Transformation (Ε, 10 ECTS)
DMD65 Public Sector Marketing (Ε, 10 ECTS)
DMD66 Leadership and Public Communication (Ε, 10 ECTS)
DMD67 Modern Accounting in the Public Sector (Ε, 10 ECTS)
DMDDE Dissertation (E, 30 ECTS)
Μ¹: Mandatory
: Elective


Module Selection Instructions

Students may select from one (1) to three (3) Modules per semester (30 ECTS).

Students may select from one (1) to three (3) Modules per semester (30 ECTS). When selecting Module, students must first select all the available Modules that belong to the previous semesters and then select Module belonging to the next semester. For example, students in the second semester who have successfully completed one (1) first-semester Module and wish to select three (3) Modules, must select the two (2) remaining first-semester Modules and then one (1) from the second semester, etc.

Students in the fourth semester may select either three (3) of the four (4) available 4th-semester Modules., or prepare a Dissertation.

Students may only prepare their Dissertation after successful completion of nine (9) Modules (three for each semester).

Students may only present their Dissertation after successful completion of all the Modules belonging to the Master’s Degree. (Three for each semester)

To obtain the Master’s Degree, students must: either successfully complete nine (9) Modules belonging to the first three (3) semesters -three (3) of those available in each of the three (3) first semesters, and successfully prepare and present their Dissertation, or successfully complete twelve (12) Modules -three (3) of those available in each of the four (4) total semesters.

Academic Supervision Committee:

Chadjipantelis Theodoros, Professor of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (President of the ASC)

Anthopoulos Charalambos∙ Professor of the Hellenic Open University

Gogos Christos, Associate Professor of the University of Ioannina

Dimitras Augustinos Professor of the Hellenic Open University

Karamanis Konstantinos, Professor of the University of Ioannina

Papadopoulou Triantafillia, Associate Professor of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Tzallas Alexandros, Assistant Professor of the University of Ioannina



Student tuition fees for the Postgraduate Programme: 300€ per Module and 1.200€ the Dissertation.

The total cost for those who completed the Postgraduate Programme with 9 Modules & Dissertation is 3.900€.

The total cost for those who completed the Postgraduate Programme with 9 Modules is 3.600€.

Student Registration Department:

Tel.: 2610367318 – E-mail: dmd @eap.gr

Students’ Service Office:

Tel.: +30 2610 367600 – E-mail: info@eap.gr

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