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Public Administration (DHD)

HOU > Undergraduate Programmes > Public Administration (DHD)
Objective - Description
Learning Results
Admission requirements
Teaching Staff
Programme Fees

The aim of the course, which includes Thematic Units on both the theory of public administration & policy as well as on practical methods regarding the organization and operation of the public sector, is to provide a high level of specialized studies in “Public Administration”.

General Information
The programme is a four-year course and its completion leads to the award of a higher education degree. The degree requires the successful completion of twenty-four (24) thematic units of the programme.

ECTS Credits of the Programme: 240

Classification according to the Unesco ISCED-2013 code

  • based on the field of education: 0413 – Management and Administration
  • based on the level of study: 6

Language of instruction: The language of instruction of the programme is Greek.

Quality Policypdf

Upon the successful completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

  • identify the fundamental principles of the Greek public law and the specific principles that regulate public administration activities.
  • identify the structure, the organization, the functions, and the procedures of public administration, as well as the European and international framework within which it must operate.
  • apply the new forms of governance in the field of public administration.
  • recognize the strategic role public administration can play in the economic development and competitiveness of the country.
  • define the scope of their responsibility in relation to the broader functions of the institution in which they work.
  • use complex tools for analyzing and implementing policies in public administration, as well as forms of concrete applications.

Graduates of High Schools or holders of corresponding or similar secondary education degrees earned either abroad or in Greece.

Knowledge of a foreign language as well as familiarity with the use of computers, e-mail, and the Internet will significantly facilitate participation in the program.

Ten (10) of the offered places per semester of admission are occupied by prison officers of the Ministry of Justice.

The duration of the programme is four (4) academic years, which is divided into eight (8) semesters. Three (3) Modules of ten (10) credits (ECTS) each are selected each semester.

Year 1
1st Semester

2nd Semester

Year 2
Semester 3

Semester 4

Third Year of Studies

Semester 5

Semester 6

Fourth Year of Studies
Semester 7

8th Semester


C¹: Compulsory

E²: Elective

You can choose one (1) up to three (3) Modules per semester.

When selecting Modules, students must first select all the available Modules that belong to the previous semesters and then select Modules belonging to the next semester.

For example, students who have successfully completed one (1) first-semester Module and wish to select three (3) second-semester Modules, must select the two (2) remaining first-semester Modules. and then one (1) from the second semester, etc.

Students choose Module DID81 and two (2) of the following five 5 Modules in the eighth semester:

DHD82 “Fiscal Management and Auditing”
DHD83 “Quality Management”
DHD84 “Anti-Crime / Penitentiary Policy and Administration”
DHD85 “Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation”
DHD86 “Entrepreneurship and innovation management”

The minimum duration of the programme is four (4) academic years. In order to obtain a degree, students must successfully complete 24 Modules of the programme.

Academic Supervision Committee

Ioannis Psicharis
Professor of Panteion University, President

Charalambos Anthopoulos
Professor, Hellenic Open University

Athanasios Michiotis
Professor of the Hellenic Open University

Michael Spourdalakis
Professor, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Augustinos Dimitras
Associate Professor of the Hellenic Open University


Ioannis Psicharis, Professor
e-mail: psych.ioannis@ac.eap.gr


DHD11 PAPADOPOULOU TRIANTAFYLLIA papadopoulou.triantafyllia@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
DHD12 PEMPETZOGLOU MARIA pempetzoglou.maria@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
DHD21 TSIRMPAS IOANNIS tsirmpas.ioannis@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
DHD22 CHRISTOU-VARSAKELIS DIMITRIOS christou-varsakelis.dimitrios@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
DHD23 DIMITRIADIS SOTIRIOS dimitriadis.sotirios@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
DHD31 PERGANTIS VASILEIOS pergantis.vasileios@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
DHD32 MAVROUDEAS STAVROS stavros.mavroudeas@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
DHD33 MICHAILIDIS IAKOVOS michailidis.iakovos@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
DHD41 MAGOULIOS GEORGIOS magoulios.georgios@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
DHD42 KASSAVETIS DIMOSTHENIS kassavetis.dimostenis@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
DHD43 SOTIROPOULOS DIMITRIOS sotiropoulos.dimitris@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
DHD51 PSIHARIS IOANNIS psych.ioannis@ac.eap.gr  
DHD52 MENDRINOU MARIA mendrinou.maria@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
DHD53 TSELIOS DIMITRIOS tselios.dimitrios@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
DHD61 GRAMMATIKAS VASILEIOS grammatikas.vasilis@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
DHD62 KOLIAS GEORGIOS kolias.georgios@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
DHD63 KASSAVETIS DIMOSTHENIS kassavetis.dimostenis@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
DHD71 SARIGIANNIDIS MILTIADIS sarigiannidis.miltiadis@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
DHD72 BAMPALIOUTAS LAMPROS bampalioutas.lampros@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
DHD73 SOGIAKAS VASILEIOS sogiakas.vasileios@ac.eap.gr  
DHD81 PSIHARIS IOANNIS psych.ioannis@ac.eap.gr  
DHD82 SKIADAS DIMITRIOS skiadas.dimitrios@ac.eap.gr  
DHD83 NIKOLAIDIS IOANNIS nikolaidis.ioannis@ac.eap.gr Brief CV
ΔΗΔ84 PAPADOPOULOU TRIANTAFILLIA papadopoulou.triantafyllia@ac.eap.gr Brief CV

The cost of each Thematic Unit is calculated in relation to the Credit Units, one (1) Credit Unit (ECTS) amounts is 25€. According to the above, each Thematic Unit (10 ECTS) is priced at 250€ and the total tuition fees of the Undergraduate Programmeof Studies is 6.000€.

For information about the program contact:

Student Registry Department

Contact number: 2610367305, 2610367302
Ε-mail: dhd@eap.gr

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