Efthimios Zervas

Efthimios Zervas


Curriculum Vitae

Prof Efthimios Zervas is Chemical Engineer of National Technical University of Athens, Greece, with a PhD in Chemistry from University of Haute Alsace and Institut Français du Pétrole, France. In the past, he worked at Renault, France, and also in other Companies, Universities and Research Institutes in France and Greece (Total and Ecole des Mines de Nantes in France, EKETA and Democritus University of Thrace in Greece).

He is currently Professor at Hellenic Open University, Director of the MSc Program “Environmental Design” and Director of the “Laboratory of Technology and Policy of Energy and Environment”.. His current research activities are focused on the chain: “fuel / combustion / energy / transportation / emissions / pollution / climate change”,, with some specific applications on sustainability issues, public opinion of energy and environmental issues, chemical analysis, cheminformatics, tobacco products, regulations and environmental economics.

He is the author of 96 publications in Scopus, having more than 2,000 citations (h-index 26), and of more than 250 presentations in national and international conferences. He takes part of the list of the 2% top scientists recently published from Stanford University (https://journals.plos.org/plosbiology/article?id=10.1371/journal.pbio.3000384). He is involved in several European, national and industry funded projects. He is expert and Chair of the European Commission Independent Advisory Panel on Charasterising Tobacco Products, and also expert of the Tobacco and Vaping Products of the French Agency ANSES. He was also partner of the first European Joint Action on Tobacco Control and is currently member of other national and international committees concerning environmental issues.

Research Interests

The current research activities are focused on the chain: “fuels / combustion / energy / transport / emissions / pollution / climate change’, and sustainability.

Also, there are some specific applications related to public views on energy and environmental issues, chemical analysis, chemoinformatics, tobacco products, energy and environmental legislation and economics.

Teaching activities

  • Current teaching at HOU includes the following:
  • Director of the MSc Program "Environmental Design", "Environmental Design of Infrastructure" and "Environmental Design of Cities and Buildings" of HOU
  • Coordinator of the Thematic Unit "Environmental Impact Technology".
  • In addition, Coordinator of the Units "Introduction to the Natural and Man-made Environment", "Environmental Planning of Energy, Hydraulic Works and Marine Projects", "Greenhouse phenomenon– Climate Change"
  • Participation in the Short Curriculum "Catastrophic phenomena in the light of climate change"
  • For the past teaching at HOU and other Institutions, see the curriculum vitae


  • The complete list of publications can be found here and here

Research Activities

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