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Ανακοινώσεις προς τα μέλη ΔΕΠ


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Ανακοινώσεις προς τα μέλη ΔΕΠ

Interdisciplinary PSP Cultivations under cover- Hydroponics (ΚΥΚ)

HOU > Interdisciplinary PSP Cultivations under cover- Hydroponics (ΚΥΚ)
Purpose - Description
Learning Outcomes
Admission requirements
Teaching Staff
Tuition Fees

The object of the Inter-Institutional Master’s Program entitled “Cultivations under Cover – Hydroponics” is the scientific study and research on issues related to meeting the modern needs of the ever-evolving labor market regarding Covered Cultivations. That is, the construction design, the choice of materials, the cultivation techniques, the new water and chemical saving technologies (hydroponics, screenhouses), the energy saving technologies and the nutrition and plant protection of integrated fruit and vegetable production with reduced inputs.

The main objective of the specific Master’s Program is to offer the necessary theoretical knowledge, practical (laboratory and field) training, familiarization and practice in the use of new technologies and the assimilation of applied research in the context of the preparation of graduates of the subject, for jobs claim and the creation of new jobs through self-employment.

In the context of the Master’s Program, the Laboratory of Sustainable Waste Management Technologies of the Hellenic Open University, and the Analytical Laboratories and the Greenhouse Facilities of the Agricultural University of Athens will be used, which are fully equipped with modern scientific equipment.


The aims of the Inter-Institutional Master’s Program are:

  • The improvement of the quality and quantity of the products produced through better and new cultivation techniques (hydroponics, new substrates, composition and management of nutrient solutions).
  • The reduction of energy inputs (energy saving, utilization of biomass and other renewable energy sources, better microclimate management).
  • The reduction of chemical inputs (integrated production, insect-proof nets, photoselective covering materials).
  • Better management of water resources (closed hydroponic systems).
  • The restructuring of plant capital (testing new varieties).
  • The traceability, standardization and certification of the produced products.

The Inter-Institutional Master’s Program aims to fill the existing gap in the integrated training of scientists in construction, equipment, cultivation techniques, water and nutrition management and environmental protection.

It is addressed to scientists, graduates of environmental, agricultural, polytechnic and positive sciences, who will acquire horizontal knowledge of the “Cultivations under Cover” ecosystem with vertical specialized knowledge for deepening their cognitive object through their master’s thesis.

ECTS Credits

The total number of credits (ECTS) required for the award of the Postgraduate Diploma of Specialisation is 120 ECTS.

Characterisation of the Postgraduate Programme

Master of Science (MSc)

Classification according to Unesco code ISCED-2011

-based on study level: 7

Classification according to Unesco code ISCED-2013

-based on the field of education: 0812 (Horticulture)

Duration of study

For the award of the Postgraduate Diploma of Specialisation, the successful completion of eight (8) Thematic Units, one (1) Practical Training Unit and the preparation of the Postgraduate Diploma Thesis is mandatory. The minimum duration for the completion of the programme is two (2) years or four (4) academic semesters.

Language of Instruction

The language of instruction of the programme is Greek. The language of the thesis is Greek.


The learning outcomes expected upon successful completion of the Master’s Program are summarized as follows:

  1. Training of scientists in the principles, methods and equipment required for cultivation in greenhouses and screenhouses.
  2. Training of specialist scientists in the modern technologies of hydroponic cultivation.
  3. The scientific and technological training of scientists regarding the applications of modern methods of cultivation and bioclimatic planning in research, in the industry of agricultural equipment and agricultural supplies.
  4. The familiarization of postgraduate students with modern laboratory and experimental equipment.
  5. Training of postgraduate students in organization and operation of greenhouse and screenhouse units.
  6. The creation of a competent human resource of specialized scientists who will be able to staff existing under cover cultivation units, study offices, agricultural research centers and public services and also to work as self-employed in their own under cover production unit.

Eligible are:

  1. Graduates of Agricultural Sciences and Dietetics-Nutrition Sciences.
  2. Graduates of Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Biological Applications and Technologies, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, and Environment)
  3. Graduates in Engineering Sciences
  4. Graduates of the undergraduate programme of the E.A.P. “Studies in Natural Sciences”
  5. Graduates of equivalent or related faculties of the above-mentioned Universities, Polytechnics and Technological Educational Institutions in Greece or abroad.
  6. Holders of a degree from a Greek or Cypriot University and recognised similar institutions abroad, as well as graduates of TEI of a related unit.

The language of instruction is Greek. In addition to the language of instruction, a very good knowledge of English is required to attend the programme.


Holders of a degree or diploma of higher education means graduates of Greek Universities or Polytechnics or Higher School of Fine Arts or Higher School of Pedagogical and Technological Education or Higher Technological Educational Institutions (ATEI) or those who hold academically equivalent first cycle degrees from recognized foreign educational institutions with the degrees awarded by the Greek Higher Educational Institutions, in accordance with the provisions of article 304 of Law No. 4957/2022 (Government Gazette 141/21.07.2022, vol.)


For the evaluation of the application to the Postgraduate Studies Programme, it will be examined whether the candidate’s institution of study is or may be included in the National Register of Recognised Higher Education Institutions of Foreign Countries and whether the candidate’s degree is or may be included in the National Register of Types of Degrees of Recognised Institutions of Foreign Countries.

The Hellenic Open University, if the degree is included in the list of article 307 of Law No. 4957/2022, must request a “Certificate of Place of Study”, which is issued and sent by the foreign university. If the place of study or part of the studies is confirmed as the Greek territory, the degree is not recognized, unless the part of the studies that took place in the Greek territory is in a public higher education institution or in a recognized foreign educational institution within the meaning of paragraph b) of article 299 of Law No. 4957/2022.

It is clarified that holders of a first degree of Higher Education are accepted in the Postgraduate Program.

The total number of credits (ECTS) required for the award of the postgraduate degree is one hundred and twenty (120 ECTS). During the programme, each student is required to attend eight (8) units, to carry out an internship and to prepare a Postgraduate Diploma Thesis. The Thesis is carried out in the third (C’) semester of study, while the internship is carried out in the fourth (D’) semester of study.

The programme is structured as follows:

Thematic Unit 1st Semester ECTS
ΚΥΚ50 Under cover crop environment C¹, 10 ECTS
ΚΥΚ51 Plant Protection of vegetables crops under cover C 10 ECTS
ΚΥΚ52 Integrated and Organic Cultivation of vegetables under cover C, 10 ECTS
Thematic Unit 2nd Semester ECTS
ΚΥΚ53 Construction and equipment of crops under cover C, 10 ECTS
ΚΥΚ54 Hydroponic crops under cover C, 10 ECTS
ΚΥΚ55 Stress Physiology C, 10 ECTS
Thematic Unit 3rd Semester ECTS
ΚΥΚ56 Production of dormant flowers, pot plants and nursery stock under cover C, 10 ECTS
ΚΥΚ57 Environmental policy, environmental studies and recycling of crop waste under cover C, 10 ECTS
ΚΥΚPA Internship C, 10 ECTS
Thematic Unit 4th Semester ECTS
ΚΥΚDΕ Postgraduate Diploma Thesis C, 30 ECTS
: Compulsory

Instructions for the selection of units.

You can choose from one (1) to three (3) units (with the limitation of 30 ECTS per semester).

The selection of the units is made in the order of the structure. For example, in semester 1, if you select one (1) Thesis, you must select KYK50. If you select two (2) units you must also select KYK51. If you wish to take three (3) units, you may also choose KYK52.

Next, you must select in order of priority the units of the following semesters if you have completed all the units of the previous semester or you select at the same time the ones you have left (from the previous semester).

The presentation of the thesis requires the successful completion of all units and the internship.

The successful completion of eight (8) units, the internship and the Postgraduate Diploma Thesis is mandatory for the award of the Postgraduate Diploma.

Academic Supervision

Ioannis Kalavrouziotis
Professor, School of Science & Technology, Hellenic Open University

Dimitris Savvas
Professor, Department of Plant Production Science, Agricultural University of Athens

Georgios Karambourniotis
Professor, Department of Plant Production Science, Agricultural University of Athens

Evangeline Kitta
Dr. Laboratory of Agricultural Structures and Environmental Control, Department of Plant Production and Rural Environment, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Thessaly

George Hadjigeorgiou
Professor, Faculty of Science & Technology, Hellenic Open University

350€ per unit (350€ × 8 units)

550€ per internship unit (ΚUΚ PA)

750€ for the Postgraduate Diploma Thesis (ΚYΚ DE)

Total tuition: 4.100€

For information about the programme contact:

Student Registration Department
Τel.: 2610367312

E-mail: kyk@eap.gr

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