Irene Mavrommati

Irene Mavrommati

Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitae

Irene Mavrommati is Associate Professor at the Hellenic Open University, School of Applied Arts (2009-) and has been an interaction design researcher / Future Emerging Technologies research project coordinator with CTI (2000-2009), with roles in concept creation, project acquisition, design direction, and project management. She has been with Philips Design, the Netherlands, (1995-2000) as a senior interaction designer/project manager in Ambient Intelligence (AmI), Car Navigation, and Interactive TV Systems, among others. She has extensive experience in design and research, focusing in Ambient Computing systems’ interaction, and has led several EU FET research projects. Irene holds a PhD in Interaction Design in Ubiquitous Computing Environments, (investigating aspects of End User Development in AmI environments, from the Dept. of Products and Systems Design Engineering, University of the Aegean), an MA (RCA) in Interactive Multimedia, and MA and BA in Graphic Communication Design and an Open and Distance Learning qualification. She participates in art exhibitions with interactive installations, as well as technology exhibitions with research demo prototypes; she has authored several book chapters and research articles with a focus in interaction within ambient computing environments. She has also authored and coordinated Hellenic Open University educational postgraduate course material. She has served in steering, organization and scientific committees in several European conferences, workshops, and scientific journals. Most notably she has served in the steering group of the Disappearing Computer Network, in the Convivio Network of Excellence and is a member of the IoT council. Among other publications, she has authored and edited the section User Interface Design in the book “User Interface Design of Electronic Appliances”, (eds K. Baumann & B.Thomas. T&F 2001), and has co-edited the collective volume “the Disappearing Computer”, (Eds N. Streitz, A. Kameas, I. Mavrommati. Springer 2007). She exhibits interactive installations in art events, her current focus being on ubiquitous multiplayer ad-hoc installations and Internet of Things. Her research interest range from End User empowerment, End User Development in IoT, IT and IoT applications in art, games and education, to, more recently, Design Methods, Ideation, and teaching design methods to engineering courses.

Research Interests

Irene Mavrommati’s research interest cover areas from UCD and IAD, User empowerment, End User Development in IoT, IT and IoT applications in art, games and education, to, more recently, Design Methods, Ideation, teaching design methods to facilitate creative thinking, and Distance Teaching Design methods.


  • Graphic Design – Multimedia (course director)
  • Graphic Design course module (module coordinator)
  • Design Ideation
  • Creative Design Methods
  • Interaction Design


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