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Under the auspices of the Hellenic Olympic Committee
Purpose - Description
Learning Outcomes
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The aim of this program is to provide a high level specialised study of “Sports Management” leading to the award of a postgraduate degree of higher education. The main purpose of the program is to provide students with the knowledge and to equip them with the appropriate tools so that they are able to exercise effective management in the field of sports for-profit, non-profit, municipal and public organizations.


At the end of the program participants will be able to:

• Recognise the structure and complexity of Greek sport and sport worldwide.
• Understand and apply the principles of good governance in sport organisations and businesses and develop strategic direction and planning within organisations.
• Plan, organise and evaluate programmes and services provided by public and municipal organisations and businesses in the sport market.
• Understand sport consumer behaviour, develop and implement specific marketing strategies and practices to develop/promote sport services and programmes.
• Recognize the interdisciplinary nature of sport management through analysis of a range of issues related to international relations, communication, use of technology, and workplace ethics.
• Understand basic economics of sports organizations and businesses and study the key parameters of league competitiveness.

Classification according to Unesco code ISCED-2011
By level of study: 7

Classification according to Unesco code ISCED-2013
By education sector: 0488 Inter-disciplinary programmes and qualifications involving business, administration and law.

Characterization of the Postgraduate Program
Master of Science (MSc)

ECTS Credits
The total number of credits (ECTS) required for the award of the Postgraduate Diploma of Specialisation is 120 ECTS.

Duration of study
The minimum duration for the completion of the programme is two (2) years, i.e. four (4) semesters.

Language of Instruction
The language of instruction of the program is Greek. The language of the thesis is Greek or English.

The Post-graduate programme accepts graduates or higher institution diplomas of related disciplines. The programme is offered in Greek. 

The knowledge of a foreign language and good computer-Internet skills would be useful for the successful participation in the programme.


Holders of a degree or diploma of higher education means graduates of Greek Universities or Polytechnics or Higher School of Fine Arts or Higher School of Pedagogical and Technological Education or Higher Technological Educational Institutions (ATEI) or those who hold academically equivalent first cycle degrees from recognized foreign educational institutions with the degrees awarded by the Greek Higher Educational Institutions, in accordance with the provisions of article 304 of Law No. 4957/2022 (Government Gazette 141/21.07.2022, vol.)


For the evaluation of the application to the Postgraduate Studies Programme, it will be examined whether the candidate’s institution of study is or may be included in the National Register of Recognised Higher Education Institutions of Foreign Countries and whether the candidate’s degree is or may be included in the National Register of Types of Degrees of Recognised Institutions of Foreign Countries.

The Hellenic Open University, if the degree is included in the list of article 307 of Law No. 4957/2022, must request a “Certificate of Place of Study”, which is issued and sent by the foreign university. If the place of study or part of the studies is confirmed as the Greek territory, the degree is not recognized, unless the part of the studies that took place in the Greek territory is in a public higher education institution or in a recognized foreign educational institution within the meaning of paragraph b) of article 299 of Law No. 4957/2022.

1st Semester

2nd Semester

3rd Semester

4th Semester

1st Option (M.Sc.)

2nd Option (Choice of three modules from DATH40, DATH41, DATH42, and DATH43)


C¹ : Compulsory

Ε² : Elective

Guidelines for the selection of the Thematic Unit:

Students may select from one (1) to three (3) elective units per semester.

When declaring a unit, the units of the previous semesters must be exhausted first and then the next semester’s units must be declared.

When choosing a unit for the first semester, students are advised to choose, in order, the unit DATH10, DATH11 and DATH12.

For the second semester, students are recommended to choose, in order, the units DATH20, DATH21 and DATH22.

In the third semester of studies, students are recommended to choose, in order, the units DATH30, DATH31 and DATH32.

Finally, in the fourth semester students have two choices:

choose the Postgraduate Diploma Thesis (DATHPD) or choose (3) units from the offered ones (DATH 40, DATH 41, DATH 42 & DATH 43).

A prerequisite for the preparation of the master’s thesis is the successful completion of the nine (9) units of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd semester.

Academic Supervision Committee

Theodorakis Nikolaos
Associate Professor, University of Thessaloniki (President of the National Academy of Sciences)

Dimitras Augustinos
Associate Professor, HOU

Dimitrios P. Stergiou
Assistant Professor, HOU

Authinos Ioannis, Professor

Kostas Georgios


Nikolaos Theodorakis, Associate Professor
Subject: Organization – Management in Physical Education and Sport

e-mail: theodorakis.nikolaos@ac.eap.gr

The cost of the Programme of Studies is calculated in relation to its credit units, as one (1) Credit Unit (ECTS) amounts to 30€. Therefore, each Thematic Unit is priced at 300€/ Dissertation 900€ and the total cost of the Postgraduate Programme is 3.600€.

For information about the programme contact:

Student Registration Department
Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00
Contact number: 2610367331
Ε-mail: dath@eap.gr

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