Module Code: LRM 60

ECTS Credit Points: 10

Module Type: Compulsory

Semester offered: Third (3ο)

Coordinator:Roula Tsokalidou

Language: English

General Description of LRM 60

The recent socio-political conditions that hold in Greece and Europe challenge educators to become acquainted with aspects of the Arabic language and culture, appreciate its complexities and be in a position to draw comparisons between elements of the Arabic and European languages and cultures. Students will be introduced to a world of great diversity and will be taught Arabic writing, issues concerning the various dialects of the Arabic language and will be coached to develop basic communicative skills in the Arabic variety of the Middle East.

Learning outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this module, students are expected to:

  • acquire useful knowledge of the Arabic language and Culture

  • appreciate aspects of the Arabic culture and its complexities

  • be able to make comparisons between European languages and Arabic languages that may assist Arabic-speaking students.


  • History of Arabic Culture from the Classical Period to the Present

  • Religious, Ethnic and Linguistic Diversity in the Arab World

  • Societal Issues: Tradition, Family, Education, Arab Communities in Exile

  • Arabic Language: Alphabet, Reading, Writing, Simple Conversations; Arabic Dialects and Modern Standard Arabic

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this module.

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