Module Code: LRM 61

ECTS Credit Points: 10

Module Type: Compulsory

Semester offered: Third (3ο)

Coordinator: Maria Papadopoulou

Language: English

General Description of LRM 61

Migration is one of the most crucial social issues in Europe and other regions of the world today. Migrants and refugees frequently face unjustified and even illegal behaviour concerning their human rights. The goal of this module is to provide students with a theoretical and practical background concerning human rights and international law for migrants and refugees. Students will discuss the notion of human rights, its scopes and content, and will be introduced to EU and ECHR Migration and Refugee Law. They will also discuss forced migration in an historical and human perspective and will be encouraged to reflect on the role of European institutions and international human rights bodies concerning forced migration and refugee hood.

Learning outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this module, students are expected to:

  • acquire an in-depth knowledge of current developments in human rights, international law and democratisation

  • understand the complex nature of forced migration and refugee hood

  • develop a solid understanding of theories, concepts and methods concerning forced migration and refugees

  • conduct small scale research in diverse environments

  • discuss the role of law and legal institutions in international and transnational relations

  • identify and critically discuss the procedures and practice of international human rights bodies


  • Human Rights: History and Scope of a Concept

  • EU and ECHR Migration and Refugee Law

  • Asylum and the Rights of Refugees: Case Studies

  • Europe as a Fortress and the Construction of Illegality

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this module.

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