Module Code: LRM 63

ECTS Credit Points: 20

Module Type: Compulsory

Semester offered: Fourth (4ο)

Language: English

General Description of LRM 63

During the fourth semester of their studies, the students are required to complete a praktikum internship with duration of 250 hours in total. Within these hours, the preparation, realization, assessment and report completion of classes of one language to a group of refugee or migrant children or adults are included. The classes can take place in a formal or an informal educational context in the country and city of residence of the students or they can be carried out with individual children (as case studies).

Prerequisites: In order for students to be able to begin and carry out their praktikum, they need to have attended all 9 units of the first, second and third semesters.
Note: Students have the right to proceed to LRM63, even if the third semester’s final essays of up to two (2) Modules are still pending.


The praktikum will be evaluated by the supervisor who will be appointed for it. It will be assessed both on the level of the educational intervention that will be realized and on the level of the scientific format of the final report.

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